December 29, 2019

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas to all our friends! We hope you had a lovely day with friends and family. Ours was busy this year with both family and friends dropping in for good cheer. It's always nice to relax before the New Year hits us ; we hope that is the case for you. Are you excited for 2020? We are!! Happy New Year to all our friends. XO

See you soon in 2020!
the critters in the cottage xo

December 20, 2019

Fashion Friday : Reindeer sweater.

Duffy, " Hi ya! I'm back after a short respite from my fashion duties. Welcome to another edition of Fashion Friday! This week I will be modelling my reindeer sweater along with my Santa's Little Helper, bandana."

Duffy, " My reindeer sweater is one of my favourite Christmas sweaters. It has a little pocket on the back as well as a little hood!"

Duffy, " The little hood is bunched up at the back of my neck in this photo."

Duffy, " Here is a better angle of the hood. I hope everybody is almost ready for Christmas. I also hope that you have been enjoying the season's festivities and fun. Only four more sleeps until Christmas Day! "

Have a Fabulous Friday.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

December 14, 2019

Sunday Selfies : It's beginning to look like Christmas.

We are joining , The cat on my head , for Sunday Selfies.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around our home.We are slowly but surely getting decorations up and pulling out Christmas throws and cushions. Are you getting into the Christmas spirit? We love everything about Christmas but we love the bright lights and good cheer best.

Wilhelmina, " I'm fairly certain they aren't real , Avalon!"

The Wild Sisters are wearing their Christmas bells in the forest. They sound like reindeer pulling an earth bound sleigh as they run hither and thither through the trees! 

Wilhelmina has her Christmas bows lined up to wear each day for the month of December.

Duffy has pulled out all his Christmas themed bandanas!

The pet advent calendar is up. And yes, there are also kitty treats tucked into all the pockets.

The kitties are getting as many naps in as is possible, in order for them to have all the energy needed to redecorate the tree!

                                Our Christmas tree.

Have a Sunny Sunday, friends!
We hope you are getting into the spirit of the season, however you choose to celebrate.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

December 7, 2019

Sunday Selfies : Including a few random kitten pics.

We are joining, The cat on my head , for Sunday Selfies. This week everyone made an appearance. Also included, are two random photos of Malou and Levon as kittens. We hope you enjoy our efforts. 

This is the photo of Levon that made me consider adding him to our family. I had already reserved Malou . Levon's family, however, was a , "no show", on the day he was meant to go home with them. They simply didn't show up to collect him. Since I knew him to be quite bonded to Malou, I asked if he could join our family and come home with her. I'm so glad I did!

The two "squirrely" girls!

This girl knows how to strike a pose!

This girl is as long as a sunny, Autumn day!

Levon, "There are no , "dog beds", all the beds belong to me!"

Duffy , "I believe you are wrong. I don't think I will need a bath today!"

 These two do almost everything together.

Where there is one, the other is not too far behind!

A cold but sunny day for three, sweet pups!

This little guy always brings a smile to my face.

Avalon, surrounded by early morning fog.

 A random kitten photo of Malou. Look at her chocolate , jelly bean toes. So sweet!

Another rough day at the office for Levon!

Have a Sunny Sunday.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

November 30, 2019

Sunday Selfies : Celebrating Wilhelmina's fourth birthday!

We are joining , The cat on my head, for Sunday Selfies! This week the gang all showed up. We celebrated Wilhelmina's fourth birthday on Friday, November the 29th. I shared a few birthday wishes from friends for you to enjoy. We hope all our friends are well and are enjoying the last of the Autumn colours and weather. We know some of you are already knee deep in snow! That could very well be us in the next week or so as the temperatures are dropping and there is a definite chill in the air. Are any of you embracing the Christmas spirit yet? We usually begin decorating during the first week of December. The humom has slowly begun pulling decorations out and finding festive collars to adorn our necks! We are excited since we love everything about the holidays! 

Thank you Rosco and Wally for the lovely birthday wishes.

Thank you Ingrid, Pipo, Dalton and Benji for thinking of me on my special day and for the lovely card!

 These two are still thick as thieves four years after they initially met!

Billy Goat Duffy.

 Sugar Dumpling loaf anyone?!!

Looking pretty on Wilhelmina's birthday.

 The Wild Sisters still wilding!

Duffy donning a bow tie on Wilhelmina's birthday in order to look extra handsome!

Another goat in the family.

Avalon overlooking her kingdom.

We smell squirrels!!

Are they real?!

We are still getting quite a bit of sunshine which is unusual for this time of the year and Avalon relishes every second of it!

Such a sweet face.

Nap time for a sleepy boy.

Have a Sunny Sunday, friends!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo