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Isadora Gypsy Rose

The story of Isadora is told in three parts.
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Leopold Lion Heart was my heart kitty. He came to the cottage as a senior foster cat who had lived on the streets for years and had been fed by various people in his neighbourhood. He lived with us for the last four years of his life. I loved him so much, I can't even put it into words. He loved to be brushed and would drool and purr so loudly he sounded like a train charging down train tracks. I called him my, Choo Choo. Leo will live forever in my heart. He watches over me and is with me always.


Allegra was my lively and quick stepping, JOY.
I called her Baby or Limbyloo most of her life.
She was always taking care of everyone
and I had trouble finding a picture of her 
where she was actually on her own!
Allegra was a gentle, gentle, sweet soul.
She went to the Bridge September 12th 2009.
She was thirteen years old. We miss her every day. 
Allegra will be forever loved and forever missed.


Masala was my first pet as an adult. 
She went to the bridge March 27, 2007.
She died two weeks short of her eighteenth birthday.
Masala lived for her adventures and loved life.  Absolutely.
Masala ran through my heart every day 
filling it up with pranks, laughter and love.
This picture was taken a few months before Masala died.
She loved the outdoors and was very happy 
the day this photo was taken. 
Masala will be loved and missed forever.

March 17th 2007 ~ April 16th 2011

Lewis was a cat with plenty of personality. He could turn the t.v. on and off and he loved it when I vacuumed him and would come running when he heard me turn the vacuum cleaner on. He made us laugh every single day of his short life. His face had an innocence to it I have never quite seen on another animal. I called Lewis my Funny Valentine and that described the perfect mixture of his mischievous and sweet nature.Lewis will be loved and missed forever.

Tulip ~ Our Bunny Blossom Sweet Heart

Tulip was one of our long term senior foster cats. She lived with us for three and a half years and became one of our family members in no time at all. She was one of the sweetest cats I have ever met.Since I paint in the foster room, I will miss her most when working on a painting as that is when she would lie on my feet as I worked away.
She never complained during her time with us despite her many ailments and purred so loudly that the vet once said ,
"I can't hear her heartbeat . Her purr is so loud !"  
Tulip left us to cross over
her Rainbow Bridge April 19th , 2013. She will be
forever loved and forever missed.

for her final posting, to read her full story and enjoy more photos.


  1. I love your precious Angels. I wish I had done that too. I may think of a way to accomplish that for my Angels gone away from me now. xoxox

  2. And Tulip, I remember you, sweet girl.

  3. Tonight I came by to see Leo. He is greatly missed from my life as we start the new season of Autumn. Leo, I am glad I got to know you through this blog. You are truly King Leopold Lion Heart and always will be.

    I miss you,my Friend,
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. That's always such a pain when your pets or better to say friends leave you. I know their souls are somewhere in a better place, but still you miss them so much that you can even cry.


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