November 9, 2019

Sunday Selfies : The two reasons we have so few kitty selfies!

We are joining, The cat on my head, for Sunday Selfies. This week the crew all showed up! The kitties also explain why there are less kitty entries than we would like to have each Sunday. We hope you enjoy our efforts.

 Wilhelmina looking a bit perplexed that I won't allow her to play in the ocean. Too cold!

 Duffy found a little tractor in the forest (paths were being cleared) which he felt would be perfect for Squirrel Patrol!

Avalon just sitting watching the seagulls fly round and round!

More Squirrel Patrol.

A slow day at the beach.

Duffy looking spiffy in his spiffy bow tie!

The rare and rarely sighted, Poodle Bear.

The elusive and almost never sighted, Forest Unicorn.

Duffy found a teepee of sorts.

Reason #1 there are fewer kitty selfies. Malou. Is reason number one! She rarely allows me to photograph her. She runs like the dickens as soon as she sees me with camera in hand, OR she chatters at me. I've become quite fluent in "cat talk". It's not pretty what she says. You can only imagine. Heeheehee.

This photo opt lasted a nanosecond. Wilhelmina, Duffy and Avalon were all focused on their potential squirrel friends and as soon as the photo was taken, all three were off to say hello!

"Do the leaves look as soggy as I feel?", asked Duffy.

Reason #2 there are fewer kitty selfies. Malou and Levon are largely nocturnal. The party begins when we hit the sack! It seems whenever I have time during the day to take photographs of them, they are fast asleep. The proof is in the pudding. Levon pudding that is. 

Have a Sunny Sunday, friends!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo 


  1. Good explanations, Malou and Levon. We are always happy to see you, even if it's only a few snaps here and there! Duffy, that photo of you in the wet leaves is terrific. Then again, we love ALL the pictures of all of you. The squirrel patrol picture of Duffy, Wilhelmina and Avalon together is awesome. Hugs to you all!

  2. Sleeping kitty selfies are great! So are chattering ones! I love when they talk. My crew are fairly quiet, but Glitter has a high pitched baby kitten mew occasionally and it's adorable! love the doggies too, very busy boys keeping the world safe from squirrels!

  3. Despite the feline pudding and Malou's wonderful wide faced smile and chatter, this weeks prize is a wholly canine affair, in fact it is a three way tie! The colours of the leaves are wonderful, though Mrs H and I both agree that Duffy in charge of a little tractor would make a great story-line for a Critters in the Cottage Movie ;)
    You all have a lovely week

  4. The Forest Unicorn and Poodle Bear has me in fits of giggles, and thank you for the explanation aboutthe cats who stampede by themselves:-)

  5. Nice selfies of everyone today! I'm very good about keeping the same hours as my human and never complaining about being photographed (in fact, I like it lots!).

  6. The poodle bear and unicorn are cute, but my favourite is Duffy in those beautiful leaves.

  7. Well it's nice to see all of you, really nice!

  8. LOVE the kitties selfies! And that withering first look from Wilhelmina. Oh. My. Another well done group of selfies. Hope Duffy is dry now. 😁

  9. Great shots. I love your hat Wilhelmina. And Malou, that is too funny you yelling at your mom. XO

  10. What lovely photos everyone. I love those hats and that bowtie! We're happy to see the kitties anytime, whether they are chattering or napping, they are gorgeous.

  11. I adore the photos of Wilhelmina, Duffy and Avalon in their winter clothes. And Malou looks so fierce. And Levon all curled up reminds of me of the way my own Shimshi curls up in the laundry basket. But all the pictures are fantastic - not just the "critters", but the landscape. Stunning!

  12. The Forest Unicorn and Poodle Bear made us smile ! Beautiful photos ! Purrs

  13. Such sweet photos, every one of them!

  14. Yes, that's the reason I have trouble getting some of my cats to do selfies.

  15. Those are great selfies. We are so lucky to get to see rare Poodle Bear and Forest Unicorn :-) I love the beautiful colors in Duffy's selfie on soggy leaves. And he found a nice machine. KC70 is very nice and compact and must work good in the forest. Love Malou's chatty face :-)
    Have a great week! xo

  16. We love your selfies and even with fewer kitty photos we enjoy the ones you add. Come on Malou and Levon get with the selfie program

  17. I bet Malou and Ellie would sit there and talk each others' ear off. One of these days, I'm going to catch a video of her telling me off ... but there's a reason her nickname is Yellie.

    1. Hahahaha. I wonder if it is a black cat thing?! Sending you love and good wishes. I know I have been MIA for a while but I do think of you and hope you are well. XOXOXO


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