November 8, 2019

Fashion Friday : Squirrel bandanas.

 Duffy, " Hi ya! Welcome to another edition of Friday Fashion. We have had a beautiful week of sun here in Vancouver! I am wearing my squirrel bandana today. It seems fitting since all we see outdoors lately, are squirrels running hither and thither. They are gathering, gathering, collecting and storing in anticipation of the cold , winter months to come."

Duffy, " Wilhelmina also wanted to show you her squirrel bandana. Avalon has a bandana that looks exactly the same. They are matchy-matchy!"

Duffy, " All three of us are wearing our squirrel bandanas in this photo. Can you guess what has gripped our attention? If you guessed, squirrels, you are correct!"

Duffy, "After our photo shoot we explored a few paths and I found branches that were resting against a tree trunk. I took a moment to relax in front of them as I took in the beauty that surrounded me."

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. that are the bestest bandanas ever... we would probably eat them LOL

  2. Cute bandanas y'all! I have a squirrel dress.

  3. You always manage to find the best fabrics! I LOVE both patterns of squirrels. And the pups wear them well.

  4. Looks like it was a beautiful autumn day. Those squirrel bandanas are very pretty! I love the photo of all of you together, looking at the squirrel :-)

  5. Y'all really nailed that fashion thing, looking good gang!

  6. What great bandanas. And you all wear them so well. Now go chase some squirrels. :)

  7. What a beautiful fall day for you guys to model your bandanas!

  8. You all look great. Such cuties. XO


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