August 9, 2019

Fashion Friday : Low tide at sunrise.

Duffy, " Hi ya. Welcome to an edition of Fashion Friday at low tide. To be honest, the fashion featured today does not exactly involve fabric. In fact, it's not fashion at all. But it is something that could be more fashionable ;  connecting with nature in a way that inspires reverence. Recognizing and experiencing nature's beauty seems to cure, at least for a moment in time, all woes."

Duffy, " We went to low tide at sunrise. That is my humom's favourite time to experience low tide, on account there isn't a single person to be found. It's just the four of us and our friends. "

 Duffy, " This time we brought balls for the girls to practice their retrieving skills."

 Duffy, " As you can see, I am not in any need of practice. My skills are quite honed."

 Duffy, " Avalon was on the move as soon as we arrived. Our girl is as wild on water as she is on land!" 

Duffy, "These are our friends, Archie and Ridley. Archie (the bigger pup) has known Wilhelmina since they were both puppies."

Duffy, " I enjoyed following Archie whenever the opportunity arose. It made my humom giggle. A lot! "

Duffy, " At first Wilhelmina didn't want to chase the ball. She carried her ball wherever she went."

Duffy, " Eventually she joined Avalon and the boys."

Duffy, "Wilhelmina, subsequently, had a very, very good time!"

Duffy, " I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our low tide at sunrise, fun. Some times, fashion can be less about clothes and more about draping the soul around something larger than ourselves, something that is pure enchantment or conceivably, pure enlightenment. Perhaps that is the best robe of them all."

Have a Fabulous Friday.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. The early morning light makes these photos breathtakingly beautiful.

  2. Wow. Just looking at those pictures exhausts me! Everything's better with friends!

  3. You look like Nemo in your jacket, Duffy! And WOW, I loves all those action shots of pups running on water. Wilhelmina looks like she's not even touching the ground!

  4. Have looked at these photos over and over.....outstanding!

  5. Such fun photos and y'all sure had the happy water dance thing going on!

  6. duffy...dood....ewe iz one total lee wise pup ♥♥

    N ya noe, wear ewe guyz live iz bee yond awesum !!!!! troo lee ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  7. Wise words and beautiful pictures Duffy !

  8. Great photos of all of you. You look like Nemo with your orange vest on- very cute. XO

  9. What a beautiful time of day.

  10. Sunrise is my most favorite time of the day. You captured it so beautifully. Wear it well!

  11. These are such wonderful and joyous photos, sweet friends!


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