August 10, 2018

Fashion Friday with Duffy and Flying Avalon!

 Duffy, "Hi ya! Welcome to another edition of Fashion Friday! I am, once again , in the forest trying to beat the heat! This week I will be modeling my boat bandana , which you may have already seen !"

 Duffy, " But I know you haven't seen Avalon's boat bandana which is why I have asked her to join me this week!"

 Avalon, " I will be the world's best bandana model, Duffy! You will not regret your decision!! I will be as still as a clam near a shorebird! "

 Close-up of Avalon's boat bandana.

 Duffy, " I suppose we should attempt to take a photo together while wearing our boat bandanas!"

 Avalon, " Hey! Is that Wilhelmina?!!"
Duffy, " Uh , oh . . . "

 Avalon, " Yooooooo hooooooooo . . . over here ,Wilhelmina!! Look at me! Will-a-meeen-a!! Over here!!" "

                           Look up in the sky!

And then Avalon, the amazing, flying, kangaroo dog, jumped on top of the tree notch, flipped herself around, then pushed herself off the tree trunk and over Wilhelmina!!!!!

Duffy, " I believe the combined photo shoot with my youngest, Wild Sister Avalon went rather well, don't you?! "

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. You look so tiny next to Avalon, Duffy!

  2. you are the bestest models... and your boat bandanas are super fabulous... you can dream about a cruise while playing together ;O)

  3. Holy Moly! Avalon is like a super hero dog. She can fly! You both look so cute in your boat bandanas.

  4. Oh my goodness, Avalon! She flies, she flies! Those are great action shots :-) Also, she did great job modeling with Duffy!

  5. Beahaha! Love the "fur-by" from Wilhelmina. Happy weekend, stay cool.

  6. You did a great job modeling, Avalon and Duffy ! But Avalon, you're literally flying, it's amazing ! Purrs

  7. hay ewe dawgz thiz bandanaz total lee rock...N avalon....mannee yeerz ago ther waz a cartoon called wonder dog ...haz ewe been rredin bout him ;) ☺☺♥♥

  8. You pups are all so dapper with your accessories. Watching your sisters play always makes our day!

  9. Duffy, you look splendid in your bandana this week. So does Avalon. Too bad she had to fly off from you while she was still in posing session. She does do great action shots, however! Maybe she has a new career in mind - The Amazing Avalon - the Flying, Leaping Acrobat of Western Canada! Or FLAWC for short!

    Luvz Patzy

  10. We think your photo shoot with Avalon went really well, Duffy. Your boat bandannas are super nice! And who knew Avalon could FLY???


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