July 27, 2018

Fashion Friday : Pandas and Watermelon.

 Duffy," Welcome to another edition of Fashion Friday! This week, I will be modeling my panda bandana! It's another one of my favourites on account I love pandas!"

 Duffy, " The panda faces on my bandana are so sweet and naive looking, that it's difficult not to be in a good mood every time I wear this bandana!"

 Duffy, " I decided to ask the Wild Sisters if they wanted to model anything themselves but Avalon politely declined!"

 Duffy, " Wilhelmina, on the other hand, said yes! She would like to show you her watermelon collar and bows."

 Watermelon Collar.

Watermelon Bow(s).

Wilhelmina, " I am wearing my watermelon ensemble, in the hope of keeping cool. We are experiencing a heatwave here in Vancouver!"

Wilhelmina, " Hellloooooo. Anybuddy home?!!"

Avalon, " Wilhelmina! Over here! Let's play, play, play!!"

Duffy, " I must admit, they are enjoyable to watch. Especially if I am away from the firing line!"

Duffy, " So long my Wild Sisters!"

Duffy, " Here is my best pose."

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. your collar are just fabulous!!!! and we love the bandanas... your blog is much much better than all that boring humaoid fashion weeks .O)

  2. OMD, I loves the wallymelon stuff. How cute! Does it help keep cool? I could use that, since it's been HOT here lately. Your pandas are sure cute too!

  3. Duffy we think every one of your poses is your best one. Your sisters sure love to play.

  4. Hi Duffy, your panda bandana is adorable and purrfect for you!
    I love the watermelon collar and bows. I hope they keep you feel cool, Wilhelmina :-) Great action shots of you and Avalon!
    Have a great weekend xo

  5. You all are so stylish ! Your watermelon is really cute, Wilhelmina ! Purrs

  6. You pups sure know how to show off the best fashions! And how to romp as wild things, too, Well your sisfurs do, Duffy, BOL!

  7. You guys are adorably cute in your panda and watermelons. Here's to a happy weekend.

  8. What a cute bandana, Duffy! And Wilhelmina looks so colorful and stylish.

  9. You both look adorable. That panda bandana is perfect for you. XO

  10. Just when I thought you couldn't get any cuter, Duffy! Those pandas are something else. I love watching the girls play too.

  11. Duffy darling, I LOVE your Panda Bandana and Wilhelmina's Watermelons! You both look smashing. We are finding it hard to sleep. it is hot and there are so many of us who want to sleep on the bed with Mom.
    Stay Cool

  12. Duffy, you are so sweet and cute! Can we clone you? My mommy’s daddy (my human grandpaw) used to answer his home phone when he didn’t know the caller “Hello, Duffy’s Tavern” so my mommy will always associate the name Duffy to him. I wish I could’ve known my grandpaw, but I was born too late, alas!
    And those wild sisters of yours are something to behold. How do they ever stay calm when you guys aren’t at the beach? So much energy those two have! Eeek!

  13. Lookin furabuluss Critterss!! Levon mee LadyMum swooned again!! Mew mew mew....
    An Avalon you look wunderfull...youss' all do!
    RAIN!!!! Pleeze rain out West!! Wee furinallee gotted rain last week an it iss not as *hot* here....butt wee here next weekend will bee scorch again *sighsss*
    PHOOEY! This Summer has been ruff!
    Sendin good wishess an ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~


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