June 30, 2018

Happy Canada Day to our Canadian Friends!

Duffy, "We are joining the kitties at , The cat on my head, for Sunday Selfies!
This week we wanted to wish our fellow Canadians a very Happy Canada Day!

 Wilhelmina, " I wanted to wish you a Happy Canada Day in both our official languages! "

Malou, " Happy birthday Canada!"

Levon, " Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends!"

Avalon, " Guess what? This is my first Canada Day celebration!"

 Nymeria, " This way to Canada Avalon!"

Avalon and Nymeria, " We were once Spanish Sighthounds but we now are part of our Canadian Canine pack. We celebrated Canada Day by playing in one of our beautiful forests all day long!"

Our Canadian Canine Pack!

We are Canadian Canines!

Have a great Canada Day!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. You all look so festive ! Happy Canada Day ! Purrs

  2. HAPPY CANADA DAY! My how you can all run, way too energetic for me, MOL I declare that you all win best prize for best dressed, I mean wearing the Canadian flag with pride and honour scores top marks in my book....
    Toodlepips and celebratory purrs

  3. OMD, you're all having so much fun!! Look at those running pics!


  4. Happy Canada Day! You guys look splenderiforous!
    And I must say to Avalon and Nymeria, Canada is so furry much better than where we came from! A Special First Canada Day to you guys too!

  5. What happy photos, I remember a few years back Tim saying to me do they speak French in Canada, I said yes in parts of Canada he said but I thought they spoke English

  6. My mommy loves Canada! She went on the ferry to Victoria when she was about 10 and loved the ferry (a seagull pooped on her little brothers sailor hat and he loved his hats, HaHa!). Then they went camping in Banff National Forest which was VERY Beautiful. But they were camping in tents and even though they followed the rules about keeping food locked up they heard bears and slept in their station wagon. She loved the shops and street shops in Victoria plus all the old architecture. Long Live Canada! We are your best and closest neighbors. May we always get along!

  7. Happy Belated Canada Day! You all look great in your outfits. XO

  8. Hoping you all had a pawesome Canada Day! we love your beautiful country! xoxo

  9. LOVE your Canadian fashions. Hope it was a wagnificent 'howliday!

  10. Girls will be girls, right? Happy Canada Day to all of you - we love the pictures of each of you posing!


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