June 21, 2018

Fashion Friday : Monkeys and a yellow flower.

 Duffy, " Hi ya! Welcome to another edition of Fashion Friday!"

 Duffy, " This week, I will be modeling my monkey bandana and my yellow flower. If you look closely, you can spot my yellow flower on my back, it's attached to the lower end of my harness."

 Duffy, " The Wild Sisters of the Wild West", were surprisingly quite tame during my fashion shoot this week! Can you find Avalon in this photo?!"

 Duffy, " The Wild Sisters, spent their time in the forest navigating fallen trees!"

Duffy, " Here is my best pose!"

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. You are looking great Duffy. We would have missed Avalon in that one picture if you hadn't pointed her out to us. Your handsomeness had all our attention so we missed seeing her until you told us she was there too.

  2. You were prepared for monkey business and then they went and were calm?! How weird.


  3. Duffy, you are looking fantastic with your bandana and yellow flower. Seems that your sisfurs were too busy with the fallen tree :-) I love your photo with your best pose, and the first one, too. I adore your cute round eyes :-)

  4. Great modeling, Duffy! I'm surprised the girls were so calm for once!

  5. Those two girls always make our heart smile. And Duffy, you make the perfect distinguished counterpoint to them.

  6. Duffy, every pose is your best pose! Sometimes I wish I was a dog or that you were a cat! You are so darn adorable. And I would love to know where you get your fabulous clothes/scarves. Even fussy me might be able to wear those scarves. Does your human make them for you? Purrz, Patzy

  7. That is a great bandana and you look extra cute in it. XO

  8. You are looking very Summer-y Duffy!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  9. So pretty ! You look so stylish, Duffy ! Purrs

  10. You're the cutest 'monkey' we've ever seen! Happy weekend.

  11. Duffy! Your Monkeys are darling! And your are most handsome...my hairy slobbery sister cinnamon tells me so! Your sister Avalon has the same kind of happy smile that I have!


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