May 11, 2018

Fashion Friday with Stella.

Duffy, " Hi ya! It's another Fashion Friday!  I am up in a tree pretending I am a wee owl, on account the bandana I am modeling, has an owl on it!"

Duffy, " It's a good hiding spot as you can see. I am watching the girls. They are all revved up like a deuce! The reason being, we are meeting up with Stella who is Wilhelmina's friend. Stella has known Wilhelmina since she was a little puppy."

 All revved up like a hot rod!

 Duffy, " I thought it might be a good idea if I moved to a stump in order to be well out of the girls' high performance way!"

 Duffy, " Hmmmm. Maybe not!"

Duffy, " Here is a close-up of the sweet, wee owl on my bandana fabric!"

 Here is Stella!

 Two friends jumping for joy upon meeting one another!

Duffy, " Stella's people published a calendar which featured Stella called, " Dog on a log!" Stella is somewhat of a professional model when it comes to finding stumps, logs and erratics in the forest!"

Duffy, " Some times the cray-cray is so cuckoo for coco puffs, even Stella can't keep up with the girls!"

Duffy, " I couldn't decide on my best pose this week. This pose?"

Duffy, " Or this pose? You choose!"

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. I can't pick a best pose - dey are all so cute!

  2. OMC, those two are out of control! No wonder Stella had such a hard time keeping up.

  3. You guys always make us smile! We like the second pose, although both are fab.

  4. You are so lucky to have such wonderful places to visit and play! Think it is a good idea to stay away from the big dog rambunctiousness!

  5. That is a cute bandana and you look adorable. Nice to see you all having fun. XO

  6. I probably say this every time - but I love the pictures of Wilhelmina and Avalon playing. They have so much fun - and probably tire each other out. I can't imagine a more beautiful sight as a Momma - to know your babies love each other as much as you love them.

  7. You look mighty fine Duffy and Stella did look a bit stumped!

  8. You are so cute with your owl bandana, Duffy! And Stella is such a cutie pie. I love seeing girls running and jumping, being cray-cray :-)
    Happy Friday!

  9. Duffy, you are so, so fashionable! And we loved seeing the girls charging about -- they almost looked like they're dancing. :)

    Happy Mother's Day to your awesome Mom!

  10. We love ALL your poses, Duffy. Great fun and fur-bulous fashion!

  11. Just wanted to let you know we miss you all :)


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