May 4, 2018

Fashion Friday in the Forest!

 Duffy, " Hi ya! Can you believe the end of the work week has already rolled around?! It's time for yet another Fashion Friday!"

Duffy, " This week I will be modeling my plaid bandana with seersucker trim! As some of you may remember, I have decided to live and let live where the girls are concerned. This means they can be as cray-cray as they choose to be during my fashion shoots!"

Duffy, " I did, however, find myself moving from one location to another location numerous times throughout my shoot, in order not to be trampled by the girls' enthousiasm!"

Duffy, " Here is a close-up of my plaid bandana with seersucker trim. It's just the appropriate amount of fresh for the beautiful Spring weather we have been experiencing here in Vancouver. "

Duffy, " Wilhelmina kept photobombing joining me."

Duffy, " She was playing," find the stump or erratic" with Avalon and I was suddenly in the game!"

Duffy, "See what I mean?! The girls soon left me far behind as their antics reached a dizzying frenzy!"

Here I am witnessing the cray-cray from afar and reminding myself to live and let live. (whispers) Don't ever tell them , but I actually love how much the girls love to play with each other. It makes me happy just to watch them!

Duffy, " Here is my best pose."

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Lookin great!

    And your forest looks like so much fun!

  2. I think a romp in the forest sounds like loads of fun!

  3. Y'all are sure having a fun, fun time!

  4. You look very cute with your bandana, Duffy!
    Love those cray-cray photos of your sisfurs. I know you are really happy watching them play together :-)

  5. Love the action shots and of course, sweet Duffy.

  6. dood....ya look most handsum two day....N sinz thatz a burd free stumpz. ...we will chillax rite long side oh ewe N watch yur sisterz frum a far two ~~~~ ☺☺♥

  7. Those grrls are definitely cray-cray!! I think I'll stay calm here with you. I'm a supermodel too.

  8. We love watching the girls play too! We bet you also appreciate when they tire themselves out! We're exhausted just seeing the pictures.

  9. You look extra handsome in blue Duffy. Nice to see you all having fun. XO

  10. Duffy you are looking very handsome in your bandana. We think it's good to let the girls have all the fun they want.

  11. Fun times in the forest! Does your mom make all your furbulous fashions, Duffy?

  12. That is indeed your best pose. But all of your fashion poses are the best! I also like to watch your sisters having fun together. Luvz, Patzy


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