April 13, 2018

Fashion Friday with Duffy, Mia and the three ring circus girls!

 Duffy, " Hi ya! It's another sunny day here on the jetty as Fashion Friday rolls around to end the work week! This week I will be modeling my bright, yellow, rain jacket. Mia will be joining me."

Duffy, " We thought it would be fun to pose together on a painted sun!"

Duffy, " But the sun that sits high in the sky was in our eyes and our faces looked all squinshy."

Duffy, " This is a better pose as you can see our matching jackets very well!"

Duffy, " It has been raining a lot lately here in Vancouver which is why we wore our rain jackets but as soon as we arrived at the jetty, the sun burst through the clouds!"

Duffy, " Mia insisted on posing with her orange ball. I feel her orange ball contrasts nicely with our sunny looking coats!"

Duffy, " Uh, oh. Bet you were wondering what the three ring circus was up to!"

 Duffy, " I tried to have a talk with the circus girls but all they did was giggle!"

 Duffy, "What is worse, to our chagrin, the circus performers seemed inspired once Avalon decided to rid herself of her fleece!"

 Look! No head!

 Avalon, "Hahahahaha!! That was so much fun!"

Avalon,  " Ciao bellas! We arrrrre faaaamiiilyy, I've got all my sisfurs and me!"

Duffy, " Sigh. Evidently Mia and I kept our composure and our eye on the treats and behaved like true professionals."

Duffy, " Here is Mia's best pose."

Duffy,  " Here is my best pose!"

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon,
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Grreat job, Duffy and Mia! Mia, I think the orange ball looks fangtastic and really makes your yellow coats pop. I have a yellow rain slicker too.

  2. You and Mia look fabulous in your matching jackets. Those big girls sure have lots of fun together.

  3. PeeS: We saw your comment on our blog, and please don't feel bad! Jessie was fighting her kidney disease for a long time, but she took a very sudden turn for the worse on Monday and was gone by Wednesday. None of us were expecting it to happen right now. She'd been managing steady on her meds and camel treatment. Apparently with kidney disease you can usually maintain them for a while and then just everything fails at once.

  4. We love to see how much fun you have playing all together. Duffy and Mia, you are the cutest little suns ever ! Purrs

  5. Wilhelmina and Avalon always look like they're having so much fun with their pals! You are the calm in midst of it all, Duffy!

  6. Y'all look great and the circus looks like a blast!

  7. Duffy, você e Mia merecem os deleites fizeram um ótimo trabalho. Adorei a cor das capas de chuva.
    Cafunés Para todos vocês, meus amores!

  8. hay ewe dawgz !!!!! looks like everee one hada GRATE time at de beach !!! awesum; next time... try ta get in sum fishin :) happee fry day everee one ☺☺♥♥

  9. The good news is that your sisters tired themselves out, right? I love seeing the pictures of them playing! And you and Mia make a handsome couple, Duffy!

  10. Hey there Duffy - Lady Shasta here. I gotz one of them circus girlz here too - my lil'sis, Miss Maizie. I also gotz one of them raincoatz an'mine iz yellow too butt it haz a hood with it. Miss Maizie duzn't haf one yet - she hazn't bin here az long az me. Shure duz look like u'all had sum really fun timez.
    Lady Shasta

  11. Duffy and Mia, you are both adorable in matching jackets! Looks like circus girls were very active and having tons of fun :-) Love “no head!” photo lol! Happy Friday to you all!

  12. Duffy, we are MOL'ing over here! You guys are so funny!


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