April 6, 2018

Fashion Friday : Spring jackets!

Duffy, " Hi ya! Welcome to another edition of Fashion Friday! As you can see, it is another blustery day on the jetty! The winds are blowing in strong gusts!"

        Duffy, " But there was a beautiful rainbow waiting patiently for us to admire!"

Duffy, " Today I will be modeling my Spring jacket!"

Duffy, " The fabric has a lovely print of flowers and bumblebees on it. When you consider the Peter Pan collar, the combined effect creates a sweet, fresh look!"

Duffy, " Both Avalon and Mia have the exact same Spring jacket as I do because Mia's humom made them for us. Isn't she talented?! We love these jackets a lot!! Thank you so much Auntie."

Duffy, " Avalon's collar should lay flat but the winds are blowing it up, giving her a royal appearance!"

Duffy, " Don't look so serious Mia! It won't be long now before you can run and play."

Duffy, " I am being plain silly here!"

Little and Big = unlikely but fast friends.

Duffy, " I wasn't certain which was my best pose this week but I really like the following photo of me with Avalon."

Duffy, " Perhaps the rainbow posed best. It certainly filled me with admiration and excitement!"

Have a Fabulous Friday.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Wow, it was really a windy day out on the jetty! I love the spring jacket on all of you - and the rainbow is beautiful too!

  2. You guys look grreat in those jackets!

  3. What great matching jackets you all have. We love that picture with you and Avalon.

  4. Those are some mighty wagnificent spring jackets. Mia's mom is quite the talented fashion designer. Lucky you!

  5. You all look super cute in your matching jackets! Mia's humom is really talented! And such a beautiful rainbow!

  6. Oh...my...goodness!!! What a whole bunch of adorable! We love your matching Spring jackets!!
    Rosy, Arty & Jakey

  7. Oh Duffy, an adorable bowtie and a rainbow. You made my day.

  8. Gorgeous rainbow photo and you all look great. XO

  9. Y'all look so cute and I'm glad you didn't get blown away!

  10. You all look so great in your spring coats.

  11. Beautiful ... the rainbow AND your handsome jackets!

  12. Mia, Avalon and you Duffy, all look so wonderful in your spring jackets! Mia's Mom did a MAGNIFICENT job! Did she make the collars too?
    And the Rainbow! What a beautiful promise!


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