April 20, 2018

Fashion Friday : A Snood in the Hood in the Woods!

 Duffy, " Welcome to another edition of Fashion Friday. This week I've decided to feature Avalon's snood. It came all the way from the Netherlands!"

 Duffy, " I chose to wear a striped bandana today to compliment Avalon's striped snood."

 Duffy, " I wanted to tell you a bit about the snood before Avalon models it for you. The snood is made by a really lovely woman by the name of Lenny. She lives all the way in the Netherlands. Lenny has a small non-profit business called ,Galgo Mutsen, which she grows in her spare time. She knits snoods, sells them and gives all her profit from the sale of the snoods, to help galgo rescues. The rescues in turn help galgos like Avalon, find their forever homes. All rescues who save galgos , spend lots of green papers to help the hounds in their care who are often in very poor condition upon arriving. We greatly admire people like Lenny who make a difference in rescue work. Lenny sacrifices her spare time then lends her talents to generate green papers to donate to a worthy and deserving cause."

 A snood in the hood in the woods!

A tasty snood!

Dances with the snood!

Thank you for my snood Ms. Lenny. I love it! Thank you also for all that you do to help galgos. We appreciate you so very much.

Duffy, " Of course you all know the snood posing was the calm before the storm. Once the snood came off, the madness commenced!"

Duffy, " I had such high hopes for the girls for our forest photo shoot this week! I do try to remind myself that they are both still youngsters. I tell myself they still have puppy brains, even though they appear to be giants and full grown compared to little ole me!"

Meeting a  friend at the neighbourhood water hole.

Hide and seek! Avalon's favourite game.

Find the stump!

Duffy, " I must confess, I also love to play, find the stump! "

Duffy, " Here is our best pose!"

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Y'all are most impressive in your wonderful fashions!

  2. Awww, that last photo is adorable. Beautiful snood and for such a pawsome cause!

  3. You all are looking great. Find the stump sounds like a fun game to play in that lush forest.

  4. Oh my, what a fangtastic family photo at the end! Avalon, your snood is absolutely adorable, and what a grreat story behind it!

  5. Avalon was very good in her snood poses. I can see how much fun the girls had after it was removed!

  6. That is very kind of Lenny, she is talented. And you all look great. I like your matching bandana.XO

  7. Thank you so much for the beautiful words, I hope Avalon will enjoy his hat and keep him warm.
    We do this work with so much fun, and it is satisfied when you see the dogs so happy. Join us.


  8. What a wonderful, kind lady Lenny is. Her snood is so pretty and Avalon looks adorable wearing it! Great photos of efurryone in the forest :-)
    Happy Friday xo


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