April 27, 2018

Fashion Friday : A peace vest and a squirrel bandana!

                                        **Click to enlarge photos**

 Duffy, " Hi ya! Welcome to another edition of Fashion Friday!"

Duffy, " This week I will be modeling what I like to refer to as my, "peace vest", along with my squirrel bandana!"

Duffy, " As you can see, I am in the forest today. The girls are with me."

Duffy, " In the spirit of wearing my peace vest, I've decided to let Wilhelmina and Avalon do what comes naturally to them today. "

Duffy, " I will not expect them to be solemn or well behaved. I will live, and let live."

Duffy, " The girls are having fun and I am having fun watching them from the safety of my stump! Some people think that the idea of peace and love is distasteful somehow, as if that concept is something leftover from the hippies of yesteryear. But I believe that all livings beings should be loved. I also believe that peace and joy are far healthier objectives, than are conflict and unhappiness. "

Duffy, " Here is my best pose!"

Have a Fabulous Friday.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. I bet things are pretty peaceful once those two are done playing and pass out!

  2. Thanks Duffy for sharing your peace vest. You would of been a hit at Woodstock. You can bring peace to anything with you wearing that vest. Hopefully the other two were tired from all that playing they were doing. They had a fun time from the look of the photos. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  3. Great photos of you all having fun. I love your bandana Duffy. XO

  4. You always look so very dapper, Duffy!

    hose girls certainly look like they're having a grand time!


  5. Those two really do love to have fun, don't they?

  6. Have looked at the photos over and over.....just wonderful!
    Thanks, Simba

  7. Bwahaha...the girls sure know how to take romping in the forest to heart, don't they? As always, you're looking mighty fine, Duffy.

  8. Always the gentleman and looking quite dapper, Duffy. We think baths followed when Wilhelmina and Avalon arrived home.

  9. dood....de peace medallionz ree mindz de food servizz gurl oh de choker collarz her used ta wear that had one like that on it.... !!! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  10. Avalon and Wilhelmina are so much fun to watch! EXHAUSTING ... but fun!

  11. You're stylin Duffy!

    I are all for peace and love too!

  12. Lookin' gud, Duffy!!!

    And dey sure look like they're havin' fun chasin' each other!

  13. Duffy you are looking great. That is quite a nice perch you found. Those girls sure look like they had a great time playing together.

  14. We LOVE each and every picture....ESPECIALLY the ones of Duffy on the stump!
    Marv and Mom

  15. Those photos are just full of joy. What a great place to be able to take your kids to and let them either romp in the woods/water or observe the serenity around!



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