March 2, 2018

Fashion Friday with Duffy, Josie and Ping!

Duffy, " Hi ya! Here I am on the jetty, walking along ready for my Fashion Friday shoot when what to my wandering eyes should appear?!"

Duffy, " A white Pomeranian by the name of Ping!"

Duffy, " Some of you may not know, but I am part Pomeranian and part Yorkshire Terrier! I have never seen a white Pomeranian before. Ping must be my distant Alaskan cousin!"

Duffy, " We also met up with our friend Josie! Avalon adores Josie!"

Duffy, " The humoms wanted us to pose together. They were gushing on and on and on about how adorable we were sitting next to one another!"

Two Cutiepies!

Duffy, " Alright. Let's get back to the important business at hand. Fashion! Today I am wearing my striped sweater, paired with my flannel dinosaur bandana."

My flannel dinosaur bandana.

Duffy, " My flannel dinosaur bandana can be rolled down to show the reverse side which is also flannel with tiny, colourful dots."

Duffy, " Now it's time to show you my best pose."

Duffy, " Here is my best pose!"

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. You sure know how to have a fun time and look great doing it!

  2. So handsome, Duffy! Momma and I got a little confused at your title and thought you'd adopted two new sisfurs! BOL

  3. Looks like you all had a ton of fun! We love seeing the pictures of you enjoying life. Dogs are so much simpler ... two cats who just meet are probably not going to be as friendly as you and your new friend, Duffy.

  4. Fab job posing, Duffy. You're friends are very cute.

  5. fun fotoz shoot two day guyz !!!!!! we troo lee N joyed ☺☺ happee week oh end two all ~~~~~

  6. look so debonair, Duffy! Your new friends are sooooo very cute too!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  7. Your friends are very cute, Duffy, but not as cute as you. ;)

  8. It looks like all of you are having fun playing together. You are always looking good Duffy.

  9. We didn't notice the dinos at the first glance, it's a really cool bandana ! Purrs

  10. Duffy! My Man! It is good to see you with furrends! ANd how nice to meet a distant Alaskan Cousin! You, or course, look dapper and suave!

  11. Your buddy Ping is pretty cute (but not as cute or as fashionable as you!)


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