March 16, 2018

Fashion Friday : Monkey Business!

 Duffy, " Hi ya! Welcome to another edition of Fashion Friday!"

Duffy, " This week I will be modeling my monkey harness!"

Duffy, " Here is a close-up. As you can see, there are monkeys and tiny stars scattered throughout the fabric."

Duffy, " Oh, before I forget, I should mention I had a talk with the girls and they have promised they will be on their best behaviour today during the fashion shoot. No more monkey business!"

Wilhelmina and Avalon , " We promise we will be on our best behaviour!"

Wilhelmina, " Not a peep will you hear from me!"

Avalon, " Not a peep will you hear from me!"

Duffy, " I should also point out how spectacular the mountains look today with their snow- capped tops!"

Duffy, "I also noticed the magnificence of the ocean in shades of navy and cerulean, covered in diamond droplets. And who could miss Mr. Eagle sitting silently on his immutable lookout!"

Duffy, " Let's walk over to another cluster of rocks, shall we?!"

Duffy, " Here is my best pose!"

Duffy, " Uh , oh! I see the girls heading in my direction looking like a destructive, tumbling tornado!"

Wilhelmina and Avalon, " So long little Big Bro. We tried to stay cool and collected but failed miserably! See you next week when we will give it another go!"

Duffy, " I kinda knew I was asking too much of them!"

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Oh yeah, I didn't have much hope for them being cool and collected, either!

  2. You all look absolutely wonderful and you sure were enjoying your out n' about!

  3. Oh Duffy, at least you managed some pawesome poses before they interrupted you. And really, they were just trying to support your Fashion Friday. How better to show off a monkey harness than with a little monkey business?

  4. Awww, Duffy. Your sisters love playing so much, don't be too hard on them. Nothing worse than mopey dogs. Happy weekend. ☘️

  5. Duffy,you look great in your monkey outfit. Sorry your sisters won't cooperate. XO

  6. We bet your sisters' tails were crossed! On the other hand though, it's heart-warming to see them enjoy themselves so thoroughly!

  7. Duffy o teu colete com estampa de macacos é muito fofo. Bem, as meninas estão se esforçando para se comportar bem, mas eu devo confessar que eu adoro ver elas fazendo bagunça.
    Cafunés para vocês, meus amores!

  8. Duffy, despite the things you have to put up with from the girls, you still did great modeling today.

  9. Duffy, you're always so stylish ! Great pictures of you all ! Purrs

  10. I think they tried to be on their best behavior, Duffy, but with all that lovely sunshine and open space they just couldn't help themselves! You look very handsome in your monkey harness.

  11. Duffy, you look so cute in your monkey harness and the sceneries are spectacular!
    LOL I know your sisfurs tried hard but guess they couldn’t help but being tornado :-)

  12. Looking good everybody!
    Have a happy St. Patrick's Day...

    Noodle and crew

  13. Loved all the photos, particularly the two of Avalon Wilhelmenia which are just PRICELESS! We hope those two, with the coordinated moves! Also hope you visit us today, we prepared a special slideshow we think you will like!

  14. I do believe that they did do quite well. At least they did not rough and tumble on top of you!


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