February 23, 2018

Fashion Friday with Duffy and Wilhelmina!

 Duffy, " Hi ya! Welcome to another fun edition of Fashion Friday! Today I am going to model a jacket Mia's humon made for me. It is made from parachute material on the outside and is lined with a baby blue fleece. The outer shell is light, waterproof and fast drying, all essential for Vancouver weather!"

Duffy, " As you can see, Mia's humom also made Wilhelmina a coat from the same fabrics with one added feature. Wilhelmina's jacket has a beige fleece in the front which allows for easy movement. The front of my jacket has a very defined collar which Wilhelmina's jacket does not have."

Wilhelmina, " Thank you for my beautiful jacket , Auntie Y. I love everything you make for me. I love the cookies you make for me too. And I love the way you put my bows in my furs all even and perfect ( I wish you were my humom  . . . ).

 Duffy, " Thank you for my cool jacket Auntie Y. It keeps me warm and dry and it is stylish too!"

Wilhelmina, " Now it's time for our best pose!"

Wilhelmina, " Here is my best pose!"

Duffy, " Here is my best pose!"

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. You both look VERY stylish! Those are really nice jackets!

  2. oh how beautiful!!! please give me a call when you enter the catwalk of pawris fashion week, then I will sit in da first row ;O)

  3. Awww..you both look great. Have a nice weekend! XO

  4. You two always look most wonderful!!!

  5. OMD, those are pawesome jackets! Duffy, we especially love the collar on yours. It's very sharp!

  6. Wow...what a beautiful job making those pawsome coats for you guys. Does she use a pattern or did she just make one up for you guys on her own? Well done, Mia's mom. 👍🏻

  7. Mia's mom is talented, your coats are pawsome ! And you all look so stylish ! Purrs

  8. Mia's Mom did an amazing job! My grandmother taught me to sew by hand ... but I never learned how to sew on a machine. I would love to learn so I could make outfits like these!

  9. HI Duffy and Wilhelmina, I love your new jackets and how special that someone who loves you made them. Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
    Noreen and Hunter

  10. Hi, I can't seem to locate your email-I have been gluten free for almost 9 years-never had a biopsy, but had blood work that showed I was so highly sensitive/intollerant of gluten that my doctor told me to stop eating anything with gluten. I'm used to it, but sometimes it creeps in and causes issues. Seems like forever since we've emailed each other...so please come visit me. Copper is due April 13th and we are excited. My daughter told me that two vets, one a specialist, said Poodles are wonderful mothers. If the pups were smaller-more a medium size, I'd get one, but as I get older big dogs are just too strong for me. We will keep you posted and share the website when it's up and running; if you know of anyone wanting a red standard, please refer them. I love your whole pack and wish we lived near each other, we'd have fun with the pups and making gf food.

  11. You two are so well dressed! We love your new jackets.

  12. Mia's Mom is very talented. Those are both great coats.

  13. Those jackets look wonderful! Wow, Mia’s humom made these? She is very talented!
    Duffy and Wilhelmina, you both look super gorgeous! :-)

  14. What beautiful jackets those are. And very practical too! Your Auntie Y is very talented and you are both great models too! Luvz, Patzy

  15. We love all your critters and saw some fine fashions today (kudos to Duffy and Mias Mom) and...but have to confess to still being in love with Wilhelmenia (if we could just learn to spell it!) We just died when we saw that shot of her running joyously into the water. And Wilhelmenia...we love love love your flowered headdress!


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