December 14, 2017

Six cute pics of Malou and her narrative.

 Malou, " I know! I haven't been on the blog with my own post for one hundred and seventy-five thousand million years! I hope you haven't forgotten me! In case you have forgotten how I look, I thought I would remind you photographically. LP claims it is difficult to get a good photograph of a black cat and she also claims I suck at letting her take photographs of me. Her words, I kid you not! Blah, blah, blah is what I say! How about making an effort once in a while Lame Dame?!"

 Malou, " I think I look nice in this photograph on account there is a dreamy quality to my gaze. I was most likely thinking of birds. I like to imagine hunting them, slaying them and cooking them up in a large pot to make a lovely bird stew."

 Malou, " Here is another dreamy pose but I believe I was thinking about mice here. I have never actually seen a real, live mouse before. They seem fascinating and lead me to pondering how I would greet them were I ever to come across one."

Malou, " In this photo, I am attempting to emulate the owl figurine directly behind me. I think I pass as a good likeness!"

Malou, " This is me in a box. I am a cat who loves a good box! Well, that's all I have for you today, but I plan to find more photographs to share with you in the near future. Some times a cool cat has to call a mutiny! Especially when she has been repeatedly and rudely overlooked!!"

MALOU being overlooked!


Have a Thrilling Thursday.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. You are so beautiful, Malou - my human says she loves taking photos of you when we were in Vancouver!

  2. Who could overlook such a beautiful kitty?? I'm glad you got your own post!

  3. You are such a cutie. I agree with LP, it is hard to get good photos of black cats which is why mine rarely make an appearance. XO

  4. You are totally adorable sweet girl!

  5. If taking your photo is so hard then she needs practice!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Malou, you are so photogenic. We could never forget you!

  7. Awww Malou, it’s so lovely to see your dreamy, sweet face! I love the photo of you emulating owl figurine. Too adorable :-) :-)

  8. You are one gorgeous kitty, Malou! And nice narrative too. Love your ears!😺

  9. Malou! You are the most beautiful cat!
    You do have such a wonderful dreamy quality!
    I particularly LOVE the shot of you in the scratcher cup! The contrast of colours set of your fur so wonderfully!
    Love Barb

  10. You are absolute purr-fection, Malou. I thought trying to photograph Bear was bad ... but with Ellie being all black ... she's even tougher. Often all I see is a black blob with two eyes. These are great pictures though, Malou.

  11. Tell your momma to find a nice RED backdrop for you. Black furs look grreat against a red background. Momma learned the trick when trying to get good pics of our dark brindle foster!


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