December 1, 2017

Fashion Friday with Duffy, birds and a thank you.

 Duffy, " Welcome to another installment of Fashion Friday! This week I decided to begin and end my shoot in the car in order to eliminate the potentially mindless, " sisfurs' act !"

Duffy, " I also posed at the jetty and managed to do so when my sisfurs were otherwise occupied! Today I am featuring my plaid fleece paired with my star strewned bow tie."

Duffy, " It was another wonderful adventure on the jetty where we spotted not only herons, but also Snow Geese! Snow Geese migrate from Siberia to the North American west coast."

A scattering of Snow Geese.

A Heron amongst us.

Duffy, " Here is my best pose!"

Duffy, " I am a bit shocked that I managed to elude the sisfurs today! I hope my fashion shoot is this effortless next Friday!"

 Wilhelmina, " Thank you for the kind and lovely birthday wishes yesterday. I loved them all! You made me feel special. Whispers . . . " Don't tell Duffy we insinuated ourselves onto his Fashion Friday post without his knowledge !! Wink, Wink.  :D "

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Lookin cute Duffy!

    And I'm BOLing at your girls - he should know girls always insinuate themselves in!

  2. You look extra handsome in that tie Duffy. Nice shots of the birds. XO

  3. Hi Duffy ... what a wonderful photo shoot, in such a lovely place, and you are looking quite wonderful, too!

  4. Grreat fashion shots, Duffy! And wow, your sisfurs stayed COMPLETELY out of your post, how nice of them!

  5. Duffy you look sooo handsome!! Love all of your photos too!

  6. Duffy, you are handsome as always! I'd never heard of these snow geese - what a trip they make! We have herons around here - I've heard of them emptying koi ponds.
    ps - Happy belated birthday to Wilhelmina!

  7. Oh Duffy, you are quite handsome! You and Ruby would be so cute together in your sweaters and jackets. What a fashionable pair you would make.

    I love seeing heron with all the geese!

  8. Duffy! You are a total fashion plate! That jacket is to die for...and the tie...I could really get into a tie!
    Mommy is hoping she can get out and about for a walk this Sunday again and see some birds.

  9. Duffy, you look so handsome today! You need a modeling contract.

  10. You are looking quite dapper today Duffy!
    Rosy, Arty & Jakey

  11. Plaid fleece and bow tie look great on you, Duffy! Good for you eluding your sisfurs (almost...!) :-) Lovely sceneries with herons and snow geese. Have a fun weekend!!


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