November 24, 2017

Fashion Faux Pas on Friday.

 Duffy, " I thought I would start my Fashion Friday shoot in the car so that you can see what a faux pas I'm wearing ! My dresser paired my flannel bandana covered in houses with my monkey patterned harness , over a sweater that is a bit big on me. The overall effect screams , " Did ya have too much drink with your cereal this morning?!!"

 Duffy, " Here is my best pose before we continued the photo shoot at the jetty where things went awry rather quickly!"

Duffy, " See what I mean? The sisfurs nosed in before I could even blink!"

Duffy, " Hey LP, could you do something about the interference ?!!"

Wilhelmina, " Heeheehee. He seems really bothered by our presence!"
Avalon, " Yup. If we stuck a fork in him, he'd be done!"

Wilhelmina and Avalon, " Maybe if we called a truce and posed nicely next to him?"

Posing Nicely.

Duffy, " In the end, I guess I'd rather showcase my beautiful sisfurs than my fashion faux pas!" 

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. BOL - guess sisters can be a good distraction when ya overdoes it on da fashuns!

  2. I hope all those clothes at least kept you warm, Duffy!

  3. Maybe mom just thought you looked a tad chilled. You always look great, Duffy and if anyone can pull that look off, it's you!

  4. Just a bad day all around for you, poor Duffy. Those sisters nose into everything, don't they?!?! I guess it doesn't help that they're so cute, does it?!

  5. Even with ... mismatched clothes you look cute Duffy.
    I am happy. I am a cat, so I dont have to wear clothes...

  6. We think yous need your own reality show about fashion!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Well, even super models have their off days. You still look cute.

  8. Duffy Darling, you may think its a faux pas...I think you look rather dsahing...but then I am a cat and am colour blind.

  9. Awww Duffy, you are so cute in even faux pas clothing :-) And I know you are very proud of your beautiful sisfurs and enjoys showcasing them!

  10. You still look cute even if you don't match. XO

  11. I give you tons and tons of credit for wearing anything! If dad tried to put anything on me I'd show him how much damage my claws-trimmed or not- can do!

  12. Grreat idea -- use the girls to hide your poor fashion!

  13. Beautiful photos!! So cute -are your guys devons or cornish rexes? They look a lot like my Frodo- a Devon


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