October 30, 2017

Avalon in Autumn.

 Avalon, " I thought I should tell you a bit about myself. I am a rescued Galga from Spain. I am a nine month old sight hound. LP heard about the plight of Galgos in Spain many years ago when she was traveling through the Spanish countryside. She would see skeletons scattered here and there over the landscape. The bones appeared to belong to wild animals ; the  skeletons were long and delicate and might pass for deer. She later learned they were the remains of sight hounds, hunting dogs killed by Spanish hunters when the hunting season ended. She vowed she would help Galgos one day if she could . You can google Galgos to learn more about the genocide of hunting dogs in Spain."

 Avalon, " My mom was rescued off the streets of Spain along with me and my nine brothers and sisters. If you google , "Vera and her pups", you will read a remarkable tale about my mom and how courageous she was and what she did to save us, her pups. This is me a few months after I was rescued."

 Avalon, " This is the first photo of me that LP saw. She liked what she saw in my eyes."

 Avalon, " This is me on my first day in my new home. LP fed me and then gave me a bath and a new collar. I decided these toys were all mine!"

 Avalon, " I have already been on quite a few adventures since my arrival in Vancouver."

 Wilhelmina, " I actually like having a little sister to play with!"

 Duffy, " I am sharing my bed with Avalon. I am very good at sharing!"

 Malou and Levon, " Some of you may feel we are now uncomfortably outnumbered by dogs but fear not! "

 Malou and Levon, " We are the established Queen Malou and King Levon of this household and Avalon, and all the dogs are bowing to our demands at all turns!"

 Avalon, " I am seeing all kinds of new and wonderful creatures in the forest!"

 Wilhelmina, " We are experiencing Avalon in Autumn!"

Avalon, " Here I am in my new bed."

Avalon, " My complete name is Avalon Winter Rose Tiny Dancer Bee. Avalon, after the Avalon Peninsula here in Canada, one of LP's favourite places in the world.  Now that I am a Canadian, she thought that was a good name for me .Winter, because I was born in the winter. Rose, after Isadora Gypsy Rose.Tiny Dancer, after Esme and Bee after Mitalee HoneyBee. My name is Avalon Winter Rose Tiny Dancer Bee and I am happy to be safe here in Vancouver, Canada. I cannot wait to meet all my new friends here in Blogville!"

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. What awful treatment galgos get in Spain! My human is horrified. I'm so glad you found a home at the cottage, Avalon... although I do think they need another kitty now to even things out. ;-)

  2. Avalon, you are such a beautiful girl, and a very lucky one to have ended up in the most wonderful family! We love your name which honours so many beloved friends, and we also love your eyes. We look forward to following your adventures!


  3. Nice to meet ya Avalon - ya have got a wonderful new home! And such pretty eyes!

  4. A beautiful girl, a beautiful story ... of her rescue, and now with a beautiful family! Welcome, Avalon!

  5. Avalon, I had never heard of your breed before. I'm beyond appalled at what's happening in your former country. I don't even have words for how heinous I find that. So I'm very, very happy your mom and all your siblings were rescued and that you've come to Canada and now have your wonderful forever home.

  6. I had never heard of what happened to galgos in Spain, that is so mean. I am so glad you were rescued Avalon and that you are fitting into your new home so well. You are a cutie. XO

  7. Avalon fico muito contente que essa família amorosa te adotou, você teve muita sorte.
    Cafunés Para você, menina bonita!

  8. We are so happy you found a special forever home sweet Avalon and your love will be enduring and your adventures will be many!

  9. you have such kind and gentle eyes and I LOVE your coloring. What a beautiful pup you are! I love the symbolism surrounding your name, just wonderful. Hoping you have many, many happy and healthy years with your new family!! xoxo

  10. My goodness, Avalon, what a story ! You are in a wonderful safe place now. Any of the hunters I have ever known would shoot their own foot off before they would shoot their dogs.

  11. What a beautiful girl you are Avalon! Welcome to Blogville, we can't wait to get to know you better!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  12. Avalon, you are a beauty. And we are so happy you and your mom and siblings were rescued...and that you found a home with LP. We know you will be very happy.

  13. You are a beautiful and gentle looking girl, Avalon. I am glad you have a safe and loving home now. It is horrific the way they treat your breed in Spain.

  14. So happy you found such a wonderful fur-mily who will take very good care of you. A pretty girl like you deserve all the love they will shower over you. So nice to make your acquaintance, Miss Avalon. 😍Welcome!


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