July 26, 2017

A few words on Wednesday with Levon!

Levon, " I've been thinking about this new modeling gig Duffy has suddenly conjured up on the blog and decided I could do that too! I mean, I'll have to be careful about my figure as models are wont to do. I have to be honest, I love my food (as well as Malou's, Esme's, Mitalee's, Duffy's and Wilhelmina's), but I'm quite certain I can practice self restraint if the job demands it!"

Levon, " Modeling pays well. I'll probably spend all my extra change on food though."

Levon, " Hmmm. That might be a problem in the long run!"

Levon, " Anyhoo! Here is , as Duffy would say, my serious pose! This pose was tricky since I needed to be certain the orca was well placed, to ensure the viewer could see it to advantage!"

Levon, " This is my waiting for a treat, um, looking interested yet contemplative pose!"

Levon, " Here is my waiting for another treat looking deep into the faraway future pose!"

Levon, " I'll finish with the obligatory head tilt!  All in all, I believe I modeled brilliantly! I hope Duffy supports my new career move ; we certainly would make a talented duo!"

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. MOL - I resemble, I mean recognize some of those (waiting for treat) poses. ;-)

  2. You're an adorable model, Levon! Hope you got lots of good treats for how well you did!

  3. I believe you are a PAWSOME model and deserve LOTS of TREATS as payment!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. You look totally terrific Levon!

  5. You did great, Levon, you're a great model ! Purrs

  6. You are such a great model, Levon! Love your obligatory head tilt :-) I hope Duffy will collaborate with you to do fashion posts!

  7. ***apawsss apawsss***
    Levon yur THEE BOMM!!!
    LadyMum needss smelly saltss, again.... ;)
    **Hi-5'sss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  8. dood...ya look most handsum in yur scarves but one hasta go....just sayin ~~~~ :) ♥♥☺

  9. Levon acho que você tem futuro como modelo, mas você precisa pensar em outra maneira de gastar o teu salário. Hihi
    Cafunés para você , menino bonito!

  10. Great job, Levon. We loved all those beautiful bandanas, too.

  11. Levon, you are destined to be a star!
    Lily and Black T.

  12. You are an excellent model Levon. I think that is the perfect career for you. There are plus sized models too so if you do gain weight , it won't matter. XO

  13. Levon, we think you make a great model. You're a natural!

  14. We think you will make an excellent super model, Levon!! We especially like your ability to show off the orca!
    Jakey and Arty

  15. HA! Levon, we like that you will work for food. We are the same way! :)

  16. Levon...you are the purrfect model...gotta watch that weight though...and if you go to video...they say the camera adds 10 pounds..
    Love Barb

  17. As a Levon fan I just ADORE these. Thank you for a Levon only post


  18. Levon, you're a natural! Well done rocking the spiffy bandanas.

  19. We love you, Levon. You're a super handsome model!


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