May 1, 2017

Cherry blossoms and a cherry blossom collar.

 Wilhelmina, " Some of you may have noticed that I like to wear pretty collars and bows!"

 Wilhelmina, " The cherry blossoms are in bloom now in Vancouver and they line the streets like ladies at a fancy tea party wearing fanciful hats."

Wilhelmina, " I have a bow with cherries on it with a heart in the middle that I like to pair with my cherry blossom collar during cherry blossom season."

 Wilhelmina , "The combined effect makes me feel very festive indeed!"

 Wilhelmina, " My cherry blossom collar has a dragonfly i.d. tag attached to it to ensure I can be found if I ever were to wander off, which I never actually would!"

Wilhelmina, " It also has a cheerful blossom attached to it."

Wilhelmina, " Here is what my collar looks like with everything in its' rightful place ."

Wilhelmina, "When I wear it, I am reminded of cherry blossoms and I am filled with the anticipation of Spring!"

Wilhelmina, " There is nothing like a fresh and festive outfit to put a spring in my step!"

Wilhelmina, " I hope you are noticing all the breathtaking flowers blooming in your neck of the woods these days."

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. You're such a fashion plate, Wilhelmina! I love seeing big dogs who still like to accessorize!

  2. Be still my heart!!! You are as breathtakingly beautiful as the cherry blossoms!! xoxo DakotasDen

  3. I love how you are dressed for the pretty season, Wilhelmina!

  4. Very pretty cherry blossoms and collar, but not as pretty as you are Wilhelmina. XO

  5. Very pretty I do like pink flowers and Wilhelmina looks adorable as always

  6. Mom notices your collars and bows and threatens us to be cross dressers!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. We love your collar and your bow, Wilhelmina. You're so fashionable.

  8. Luv your collar and da pretty flowers!

  9. You are just so pretty in pink! We love the cherry blossoms to Wilhelmina :)

  10. hi wilhelmina. i saw your pretty face on a blog hop roll and i had to stop by to meet you! you are quite the fashionista.
    xoxo, bailey unleashed

  11. Beautiful cherry blossoms and I love your bow and collar! You look very pretty in pink, Wilhelmina :-)

  12. Too adorable! Who makes all these fabulous colors and bows? Your mum?

  13. Beautiful pictures of the cherry blossoms and your impeccable fashion sense, Wilhelmina!

  14. So pretty, Wilhelmina. You AND your collar AND the cherry blossoms. :)


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