January 28, 2017

Sunday Selfies : Summer Flashback

We are joining the kitties at, The cat on my head, for their Sunday Selfies! 
This week Wilhelmina and her BFF Mia came up with this photograph of them taken last summer. Can you believe how green the grass was? These days all was see are grey skies and grey fields! The remaining critters are curled up throughout the house today dreaming of sunshine and summer skies.


Have a Sunny Sunday!
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the critters in the cottage xo 

January 27, 2017

Levon, Sugar Baby.

Levon, " Cats  are nimble, adept , masterful explorers wouldn't you agree?! Our paws can land on the smallest of places without disturbing a single object along our trajectory, if we so choose. Those are my paws in the above photograph.They have landed on an antique, Indian prayer table."

Levon, "As you can observe, I can even effortlessly manoeuvre my way around this miniscule table so that I am forward facing without slipping or falling off ! "

Levon, "I've noticed that being sure-footed guarantees a positive reaction from whomever is watching me, every, single time my adroitness is observed!"

Levon, "Ack. No! Now you are making me blush by saying I'm a handsome gift or offering from the prayer table. Don't start getting all tender with me in front of everybody. You are being mawkish! Alright. Alright. Just go back to calling me your sweet, sweet, Sugar Baby and I'll overlook all the other over-stated indignities! Geesh. Why do humans have to get sloppy and mushy all the time?!" 

Have a Fabulous Friday!
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the critters in the cottage xo

January 25, 2017

January 24, 2017

Waiting for Wilhelmina.

 Wilhelmina, " Some households have very firm rules about where pets are allowed and not allowed to be. But not in our home. We are allowed to sit and hang out or lie down and sleep  just about anywhere our little hearts desire."

 Wilhelmina, " We are allowed on beds, armchairs and couches! It's a wrestling match every evening to see who gets to sleep closest to the humans."

Wilhelmina, " In the past, the only piece of furniture LP would rather we didn't make ourselves comfortable on, was this loveseat. The very one that I am lying on now!"

Wilhelmina, " LP claims she has never once had to tell any of us to not go on it. It has always been silently understood all these years that this loveseat is special and vaguely delicate ;  even the cats left it alone! Everyone observed the silent rule, the loveseat was meant to be admired from afar. But when  I came along , even when I was still a puppy barely able to climb up on it,  I proclaimed it as MY special loveseat.These days, I like to come here for a quick think or a short catnap when no one is looking and everyone is busy spinning their lives."

Wilhelmina, " Often times, when LP can't find me in the evenings, I will be here making myself right at home on MY special loveseat."

Wilhelmina, " And the interesting thing is , she has never attempted to shoo me off. She says that after all the years she has admired this favourite piece of furniture  , it must have been waiting for me all along. Now she holds it in even greater esteem as she watches me bravely claiming it for my own every evening as I savour its' comforts and  fall fast asleep on it."

Have a Terrific Tuesday!
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the critters in the cottage xo

January 23, 2017

Six or so fun facts about Duffy!

    Six or so fun facts about Duffy:

1. Duffy is a nine year old Pomeranian /Yorkshire Terrier mix.

2.  Duffy is very protective of Wilhelmina. He weighs seven pounds and Wilhelmina now weighs close to sixty pounds but if Duffy feels a dog is not playing nicely with Wilhelmina, he will step in and let that dog know!

3. Duffy is very cat-like. He loves to sleep on the cat trees and in the cat beds. He also loves to cuddle with the cats.

4. Duffy loves to be dressed up. He loves wearing his little coats, sweaters , bow ties and bandanas. We think of him as our Dapper Duffy.

5. When Duffy wants attention, he will sit up on his hind legs and flap his front legs. We call this his, "Prairie Dog" pose. It is very sweet and we find it difficult to refuse him anything when he does it!

6. Duffy is the most sensitive of all the critters in the cottage. He is in tune to anyone's distress be it human or animal. He will stick by you if you are feeling low or unwell. He also picks up on your excitement and will happily partake of any new adventure you may present to him.

7. Duffy has a handful of nicknames but BooBoo is the one he likes most.

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

January 21, 2017

Sunday Selfies: Hodge Podge.

We are joining our kitty friends at ,  The cat on my head,  for their  Sunday Selfies!

This week everyone joined in  . . . some more often than others , so we are calling our efforts a hodge podge of pics.







Have a Sunny Sunday!
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the critters in the cottage xo

January 20, 2017

Hanging out with Levon.

 Levon, " It looks as though the rain is settling in for the weekend! Today will be the last sunny day we will be seeing for some time."

 Levon, " Luckily for me I don't need the sun to have fun!"

Levon, " One of my favourite things to do is to hang my head upside down! It's quite the head rush and I'll be doing it all weekend rain or shine!"

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

January 18, 2017

Almost Wordless Wednesday : Esme , Tiny Dancer.

Esme as a kitten with her Auntie Shadow-Rose.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
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the critters in the cottage xo