June 13, 2016

Keeping up with the Queen with Wilhelmina.

Wilhelmina, "This weekend the Queen's 90ieth birthday was celebrated ! I thought I should wear a hat in her honour!"

Wilhelmina, " I borrowed Duffy's little crochet hat but I soon realized it looked a tad too small on me!"

Wilhelmina, " So I decided to borrow Daddyman's hat!"

Wilhelmina, " The wind kept blowing it off the top of my head though and I had to keep retrieving it !"

Wilhelmina, " Trying to keep up with the Queen sure is tiring!"

Thanks Ann!

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo 

P. S. For those inquiring minds, I now weigh forty-five pounds and I am twenty-two inches tall. 
        Duffy weighs seven pounds and is eight inches tall :)


  1. I think you need your very own hat, Wilhelmina!

  2. LOVE the title, LOVE the hats and indeed...Wilhelmina, you are an extraordinary girl *doffs hat and bends knee*

  3. Me thinks we shall send you a proper queen-ly-ish hat to wear!

  4. You look beautiful with and without the hats. I guess Phoebe's shades are not going to fit you, sorry.

  5. You do look beautifully Royal!

  6. Oh, sweet Wilhelmina you do justice to all those hats. You look adorable in the hat Ann made for you. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. Wilhelmina, you look so elegant and beautiful in the hat!

  8. We were expecting to see you wearing something wonderfully lime green, Wilhelmina!


  9. Wilhelmina você está muito charmosa com esse chapéu bonito!

  10. wilhelmina....ya look grate in all yur hatz even tho ewe will never catch uz in pantz ~~~~~

    N whoa...450 poundz ??? ewe IZZA BIG DAWG.....been eatin GIE UNT cat kibble huh ;)


  11. I wish the Queen could see this! She would LOVE IT! DakotasDen

  12. Oh you look great in that last hat, Wilhelmenia! The Queen would be so proud of you!

  13. Oh Wilhelmina, you are beautiful with or without a hat! Enjoy all that beautiful sunshine!

  14. You look like royalty, Princess Wilhelmina!


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