March 5, 2016

Sunday Selfies: The luck of the puppies!

 We are  joining our dear friends at, The cat on my head, for their fun Sunday Selfies. This week we wanted to start by  showing you the daffodils in bloom in our front garden bed so that those of you who feel as though Spring will never arrive in your neck of the woods , won't despair. Spring is just around the corner!

 Duffy and Wilhelmina, " We went to the jetty again and it was pouring rain when we left home but by the time we arrived at the jetty, the sun came out and we didn't need our rain jackets after all! LP calls that , The luck of the puppies!"

Duffy and Wilhelmina, " We tried to co-ordinate a dual selfie but couldn't! Here we are looking in the wrong direction!"

Wilhelmina, " Here, Duffy stepped back and I stepped forward!"

Wilhelmina, " Then I tried a selfie alone but I looked down!"

Wilhelmina, " This one is better!"

Wilhelmina, " I like this one best!"

Wilhelmina, " When Duffy attempted his selfie alone, I stepped in to give him the bitey face!"

Wilhelmina, " I like this one of you Duffy!"

Don't forget to HOP! It's a wonderful way to visit old and new friends alike.

Have a Sunny Sunday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. What's a lil bitey face between friends? BOL!

  2. I'm in San Jose right now, and I think we are getting the rain that passed by you! And we are flying home Sunday night... to the rain that traveled down from San Jose!

  3. Everyone looks so good and doing better and better at posing for their selfie.

  4. Your daffodils are beautiful! What a cheerful, pretty spring colors!
    Duffy and Wilhelmina, how nice sun came out when you arrived there. I know sun couldn't help but saying hi to you both :-) Your did great selfies. Love that precious "bitey face" picture!
    Happy Sunday xoxo

  5. WOW! Those daffodils sure are pretty and your selfies are totally terrific!

  6. Your daffodils are so lovely! Hooray for spring! :)

    We love your selfies, Wilhelmina and Duffy. You pups are the cutest!


  7. Happy Sunday Selfie!!
    Annabelle, Boo, Ping & Mr Jinx

  8. Thank you for the daffodils, ours are about an inch out of the ground. Great selfies,you 2 are so adorable! You make me squee every time I see you.

  9. Your daffodils are really pretty. Great selfies ! Purrs

  10. Our daffodils aren't showing just yet. love the selfies and all the out takes too, especially the bitey one.

    Purrz, Katie Kat

  11. We are BiG daffodil fans here. To us they ARE Spring - new growth and a bright face to bring us joy and hope!

  12. I think you did a great job! Gosh, I love that final picture of Duffy with the wind blowing his fur.

  13. You did get some good shots and you can hang them on the fridge!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. The daffodils look lovely. You are both very good at your selfies.

  15. You two finally took cute selfies! Thanks for sharing pictures of those pretty daffodils. Considering we still have snow on the ground, it's nice to see some flowers. :)

  16. Over here the daffodils have just made it through the soil.
    You sure was lucky that you didn´t need your raincoats at the jetty :)
    Over here we got some snow again *sigh*


  17. Lovely Selfies, Puppies and very lovely sunny pictures again :) Pawkisses :) <3


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