October 6, 2015

Esme on her chair.

Esme, " I am sitting on my favourite chair in the cottage. It is by an open window where I can hear birdsong and feel the sun's rays on my back."

 Esme, " I can also look out the window and see the wide, open, blue skies. "

 Esme, " I like to not only look up into the sky while on my favourite chair, I also enjoy looking down to the ground.You never know what itty, bitty, critter might scurry by ; they just might need a helping paw, or claw, or  tooth , which I would gladly provide them on their way out . "

Esme, " All in all, I would say I enjoy hanging out on my favourite chair enormously! Do you have a well-loved chair?"

Have a Terrific Tuesday.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. There's a chair here that was apparently VERY well-loved by Binga before I came here. At least it is pretty torn up!

  2. Well I actually have a well-loved couch! Enjoy your day!!

  3. That looks such a nice and comfy chair. And it's by an open window - purrfect! I wonder if you found itty bitty critter down there. They sure appreciate your helping claw and tooth :-)

  4. I have a couch, that's my favorite and the only thing to sit on right now :D Pawkisses for a great too :) <3

  5. You are having a very good day on that special chair Esme. And I have a favorite couch...I can look out the slider door watching the squirrel highway traffic on our patio fence

  6. You sure look comfy n' cute sweet Esme!

  7. I have a chair I hang out in a lot too. Momma says it's HER chair, but I say I'm the one who sits in it most so WHATEVER!

  8. A chair by an open window sounds fabulous! My favorite is a love seat. I like to get on the back of it and look out the patio door :)

  9. Esme, that looks like a nice chair- even nicer with you on it :) My kitties have a favorite chair there is always a kitty ( or 2 ) on it.

  10. We rather go on the couch, but we both have our favorite place on it ! Purrs

  11. We all have our favourite spots but, strangely enough, today Da Beebs and Da Genj decided to swap theirs!

    The Chans

  12. Dat duz sound like da purrfect place to sit Esme. Weez not have but 2 chairs in da house at all, so weez like da cat twee.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  13. burd song ????

    BURD SONG !!!!

    waddya meen...BURD SONG ~~~~~~~


  14. Esme, you've found your perfect spot for sure! That sounds like a great chair. Delilah has a favorite chair too - on a kitchen chair under the table.
    Sending lots of love to all of you and your mom LP!


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