August 31, 2015

Last one out of bed makes the bed!

 Esme, " Hi ya! It's early morning and I am resting near LP's pillow. Sorry about the poor lighting. The drapes have yet to be drawn.  Some of you may know that I sleep in LP's arms every night. But I am not the only one in the bed!"

                                        (Can you spot Levon and Isadora?) 

Esme ," The house rule is the last one out of bed makes the bed!"

Duffy, Levon, Malou, Esme and Isadora.

Isadora, " I am never the last one out of bed. Neither is Duffy! We get up as soon as LP gets up!"

Duffy and Isadora, " Heading out as we speak!" 

(Can you spot Esme at the top of the bed?)

Malou and Levon, " It looks as though we will be making the bed again 'cause we both know it won't be Esme on account she is the big sisfur!"

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the critters in the cottage xo

August 29, 2015

Sunday Selfies with Isadora and the Baby Bears.

Isadora , " We are joining our dear furiends at The cat on my head for their fun and alway delicious Sunday Selfies. This week I am featuring our cousins , Billy Bear and Panda Bear."

 Isadora, " First,  here is my own Sunday Selfie! I am not alone in my selfie. There are three other dogs in this photo. Our cousins, The Baby Bears, Billy and Panda  , came to visit this weekend! Can you see them in your far left hand corner? And Duffy is to my side and behind me."

 Isadora, " First Panda Bear attempted a selfie. I thought it wasn't too bad for an eleven week old puppy whose brain hasn't quite kicked in yet (heehee), wouldn't you agree?!!"

Isadora, " Then it was Billy Bear 's turn. He tried to imitate Levon grooming himself !"

Isadora, " In the  end I took a few photos of them myself. Afterall, I am the older cousin and I do want to show efurryone how cute they are for posterity's sake!"

Isadora, " I know these two are my cousins and all but can I be frank? They are the sweetest, most gentle and well behaved puppies I have ever met. Levon gave them his seal of approval during this visit by giving them kisses on their noses!"

P. S. For inquiring minds . . .  Billy and Panda are Cockapoos. They are presently (at eleven weeks of age) about the size of Duffy with a bit more girth at eight pounds and will be the size of a Cocker - Spaniel when full grown. :)

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the critters in the cottage xo

August 28, 2015

Isadora in a hammock.

Isadora, " Hi there! I heard you were worried about me. Well, things were looking a bit grim for me for a while. And then I felt better for a few days but this week I collapsed again and went to the vet's again for another shot to help me breath better. As a result of collapsing twice, I am now taking two different heart medications. It's  o. k. I felt good enough to have the groomer come to my house yesterday to groom me. I was looking really scruffy because the humans thought grooming me might stress me out unnecessarily so they kept waiting and putting it off. Now it looks as though the groomer stole all my furs! I look nekkidd! But I wasn't stressed out. Our groomer is very sweet and gentle. She even gave me extra treats."

Isadora, " And she put bows in my hair. I LOVE bows. Aren't they pretty?"

Isadora, " I wanted to pose in the cat hammock so you could see how tiny and cute I am!"

Isadora, " Thank you for all the kind comments and good wishes. I am doing better and hanging in there! Get it? Teeheehee. I am HANGING in!! Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge."

Have a Fabulous Friday.
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the critters in the cottage xo

August 27, 2015

Levon, flowers and a visitor in the garden.

 Levon, " I am looking out the back window above the garden. This is the best spot to watch outside critters who come for a visit." 

 Levon, " Ms. Squirrel , (I know she is a Ms. on account she is very smart , industrious and she has big , soulful eyes), visits often and helps herself to the bird seed in the bird feeders. She is one of many squirrels who come to visit us. Luckily, we have more birds than squirrels who visit but both are fun to observe!"

Levon, " I can see the flowers in the garden from this vantage point as well.  Ms. Soulful Eyes (can you see her in the next photo in the left hand corner?) likes to hang out on the shed roof and admire the flowers below.There aren't as many flowers left in the garden at this time of the year but I thought you might enjoy seeing the few that remain."

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the critters in the cottage xo

August 26, 2015

August 25, 2015

Mitalee: I could do tricks if I chose to.

 Mitalee, " Do you think dogs are more clever than cats? I'm asking on account humans are always gasping over dog tricks and claiming cats would never perform for them. I've even heard humans say cats are not as clever as dogs! Or at least not as co-operative."

 Mitalee,, " But I could stick my paw out if a human asked me to shake a paw! See?!"

Mitalee, " I could even add an element of cute to it."

Mitalee, " But why would I , when I am scandalously admired and fussed over just for BEING?!!"

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the critters in the cottage xo

August 24, 2015

One, Two , Three. Lucky me!





 Each of us was eventually entirely covered by the morning sun! :)

NOTE : For those inquiring minds  :)  ,  Isadora is responding well to her new heart medication. She is now eating without the help of an appetite stimulant and has regained some of her energy. We plan to treasure every moment we have left with her ! Thank you again for your concern and love.

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

August 22, 2015

Sunday Selfies with Malou.

Malou , " I am joining our sweet furiends at The cat on my head for their fun and always delightful Sunday Selfies! Today I am presenting my , Selfies behind the White Curtain Series. I hope you like them! "

Malou , " Can you spot my eye on your left hand corner?"

Malou, " Here you can clearly see my left eye but not my right eye ."

Malou, " I decided to tilt my head up in an attempt to capture both eyes but that didn't work!"

Malou, " I believe this one is just right!"

Have a Sunny Sunday!
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the critters in the cottage xo

August 21, 2015

Thank you and an Isadora update.

Thank you to everyone for yesterday's kind comments filled with concern and heartfelt support for Isadora. Thank you Barb ( The Cats from Hell) for posting about her and for your sweet caricature badge. Thank you Ann (Zoolatry) for your lovely badge. It means a lot to all of us here at the cottage to know we are not going through this alone. Levon will fill you in on the update.

Levon, " Thank you efurryone for the power of the paw yesterday! We truly believe it helped :) Isadora seems to be reacting well to her new dose of heart medication. She is no longer breathing laboriously as she was when taken to the vet's after collapsing although her heart is still straining to function at full capacity.  She can stand on her own again although we are carrying her to perform her outdoor ablutions and she is mostly resting, which is preferable at this point. Isadora is eating with the help of Hill's Science a/d.  Her condition is stable and we are hopeful that she will be with us a bit longer. We are all feeling weepy and anxious but Isadora seems comfortable which is what matters most. Thank you again for your kind comments. Please continue to keep us in your best thoughts. We will let you know how things progress."

Have a Fabulous Friday and remember to love the ones you are with!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

August 20, 2015

Levon for Isadora.

Levon, " I am thinking of Isadora. As some of you may know, she was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and a fallen trachea a little over a year ago. It is a progressive diagnosis but she has been on heart and other medications to slow the inevitable down and to keep her as comfortable as possible. Yesterday morning she collapsed and was taken to the vet's where she was given some shots and another heart medication. She has lost her appetite. We are all very concerned. Please keep her in your thoughts.  Even the cats realize she is one of the good ones."

Have a good day.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo