July 22, 2015

Not for you! Or you! Or you! Or you!

 Not for you Malou!

 Not for you Levon!

Not for you Esme!

 For us?!! 
Yes, for you. A package all the way from Switzerland from our sweet furiends. The Swiss Cats sent it!

Not for you Mitalee!

I'm lying on the mat made especially for me by Claire, Pixie and Zorro's Mama at, The Swiss Cats!

A mat was also made for me! Aren't they lovely?!

Hmmm . I wonder how long it will take before the cats appropriate the mats made especially for us?!!

Hmmm. First I will take over the box the mats came in  . . .  !

 . . .   then I will take over the actual mats!!

Minutes after arriving, the new mats are resting at the foot of the bed waiting for the pups at bedtime. It's the first time I have bought mats made especially for their use.


Yoohoo! I beat you Mitalee! I got here first!

I love my new mats! Thank you Claire! 

I knew we didn't have a chance!

I thought we'd at least have a few days. . . . but I guess I thought wrong!

Have a great day!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. that was so sweet of Claire! They are just beautiful!

  2. Those mats look very comfy - we hope Isadora and Duffy get to snooze on them now and again!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. That was so sweet of The Swiss Cats. It is funny how cats take everything over. You are all so petite that you can share though :)

  4. What lovely and useful presents! Reminds us of around here. Dog beds are brought in. Cat is in the middle of it in no time.

  5. You gotta fight for your right to maaaaaats! :D Maybe you can SHARE with the kitties?

  6. OMG! So cute mats!!!!
    I love the pictures too!

  7. How sweet to get your very own mats and how predictable for your feline siblings to take over them! Perhaps leaving them on the floor would allow you two to enjoy them more. Cats like high places after all ;-)

  8. Wow, the mats look so pretty and comfy! It's very sweet of The Swiss Cats' mom to send such a wonderful gift. And of course, mats and box are taken over by kitties...of course :-)

  9. Everything belongs to the kitties? Well, yeah. And nice use of both at once! hee hee

  10. Beautiful! What a wonderful gift. We bet Duffy and Isadora are going to love those... just as soon as some pretty girl moves over!

  11. Duffy and Isadora maybe if you slobber a little and rub your furs over the mats the kitties won't want to take them over. Just a thought. Tho they are too pretty to maybe slobber all over them. Have a wonderful day!

  12. That sure is a wonderful box of gifts and they do look oh so comfy!

  13. Isadora e Duffy lamento muito mas gatos sempre conseguem o querem! hehehehe

  14. furst come furst served...sorree isadora & duffy...purrhaps next..........yeer !!! thoz matts pixie & zorro made iz rockin awesum bye de way !!!! way kewl ♥♥♥

  15. What lovely mats! They are wonderful... so I guess it is no surprise everyone is going to want to enjoy them!

    Have fun with them,

  16. Yup, us kitties luv take over da pups' stuff!

  17. Gorgeous! Just like Isadora and Duffy! And yous knows what..mes likes to lays on the dog beds at our house! But mes does let Cinnamon lie on them.

  18. What a nice gift from the Swiss Cats! And we sure hope you and Duffy will get to use them more, Isadora. Or else may Miss Claire will have to send more!

  19. All things belong to the cats. Sometimes we share.

  20. Oh, Claire did a wonderful job! You dogs better learn defending yourselves, I don't think you'll see those mats ever again if you don't.

  21. MOL ! We're so glad you got the mats so quickly ! It looks like Claire should have embroider Daffy's and Isadora's name on them ! Purrs


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