July 9, 2015

Malou. Again! For Kozmo.

 Malou, " Here I am on the table again. I am taking over the blog! That is called retribution for throwing me in solitary confinement during an entire party! Take that LP! Anyhoo. . .what I really want to talk about is not revenge (that will occur with daily hurls on LP's most cherished and least replaceable items) but rather, on how to make mice stew with you! The stew is for Kozmo, my Honeypot, who lives with The cats from Hell and Cinnie too but you can also make it if you are so inclined ! It's super easy! Here is the recipe."

Malou, " First you will need a huge bowl/barrel packed firmly with fresh catnip ; place the catnip into a large, stainless steel cooking pot."

Malou,, " Then add six fresh mice (the mice can be substituted with moles) and six cups of boiling water. Add two chick - hen bouillon cubes and simmer on low for four hours."

 Et voila! MICE STEW!

Malou, "To make into soup, add two extra cups of water and one extra bouillon cube! Et voila! Mice soup!  Bon appetit! I will deliver my mice stew to Kozmo today so he can eat it when it is nice and fresh!"

Malou, " I also made Kozmo a cooling vest so that the heat doesn't wear him out when he hunts for mice. It's my first attempt at sewing so I hope it fits him! I had a furiend who is the same size try it on and it looked good! "

Malou, " And I painted him a heart. "

Malou, " Hopefully  Kozmo who is my HoneyPot ,  will feel as special as he makes me feel , once he receives his gifts!"

Have a wonderful day!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Wow, you're so handy! We cats are just lazy, but our stupid Mom is way too clumsy: she neither cooks, sews nor paints!

  2. Mice stew!!! Sorry, I kind of got stuck on that. Yum!

  3. Well I finks Kozmo is one very lucky fella....mouse stew, cooling vest AND a gorgeous painted heart...he'll feel very special fur sure
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. I can see Kozmo is THE absolute luckiest kitty EVER to have you and these fabulous gifts you made him. xox

  5. That is so darn sweet of you to do that for your sweetie!

  6. malou....CHCKN cubezz.....??? !!!!

    faaaaaaaaaaa.....dont add them, tozz in sum fish broth...kozmo will thanx ewe... N tell yur mom we said thanx mew for lettin us now thoze flowers bee dahlia's !!


  7. Malou, this is a fascinating recipe. Do you not drain the mice of blood first? Then make a rue with this excellent blood? I must try this. I stand corrected....I must get MOM to try making this for Kali and I. We too are BC'ers...living in Prince George. It's way too hot here too. Mom is only cooking in the toaster oven on the deck so I guess this will be Toaster Oven Mouse Stew.



  8. That mice stew sounds JUMMY !!
    I bet Kozmo will LOVE all the things you send him <3


  9. Parece delicioso!!
    Malou você é muito talentosa.

  10. You are so sweet. Forgive me if I hide this recipe from my kitties, I don't want them cooking mice in my pots :)

  11. Malou! Thank you so very much! You are the best grrl furrend ever! And YOU are my Honey Pot too! Extra kisses and nose bumps dearest Cupcake!
    Your Sweetie

  12. Yummy recipe, Malou and we LOVE the fact that you dictated your post from the top of the kitchen table. Excellent!
    Sending lots of >>smoochies<< from Oklahoma.


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