July 28, 2015

Esme in the sky.

 Esme, " I am on my window seat on a new blanket LP bought at the Farmer's Market last weekend."

Esme, " The blanket has bumblebees on it. LP is hoping it will lure Mitalee Honey Bee. Mitalee is afraid of the windowseat. She has only been on it once!"

Esme, " That one time was when LP actually placed her on the window seat. Mitalee stayed on it for the afternoon and seemed to enjoy it but has never been on it since!"

 Mitalee, " And I will never go on it again bumblebee blanket or no bumblebee blanket. I am a steadfast ground dweller!"


Esme, " Hmmm. I guess that makes me a steadfast sky dweller!"


Have a Terrific Tuesday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Oh, what a wonderful window spot! It's great that the others don't like it that much, so you'll have it for yourself!

  2. I am with you Esme and am a sky dweller, loving to sleep on my perch and seat in front of the window. That's a pawesome window perch you have, I will have to instruct my Mom to find me one at once, she has nothing better to do than serve me anyway. MOL!
    My fur brother Kaspars considers himself in between a ground and sky dweller: he likes some high up beds like his cat perch yet sometimes will not use it for long periods of time and will sleep in his bed on the floor. He understands Mitalee's desire to remain grounded, and says 'a cat knows where it is supposed to be.' One good thing about you and Mitalee desiring different napping/observing/thinking spots is a clear understanding of whose area is whose and no arguments. Although I admit, sometimes it can be a bit fun to have an excuse to paw whop your fur sib on the head..! MOL!


  3. That window seat is super cool. Especially now with that blankie! Mitalee, you should give it another try!!!

  4. Esmee! Yous is a SKY PRINCESS! what a great title!). Mitalee, there is something to bes said for being fully grounded! Mes LOVES my heated cubby on the floor.
    We takes turns in our window seat, but Jo Jo uses ours the most. Mes has trouble getting up to it, so Mommy hardly ever sees me in ours.

  5. What a pretty bumblebee blanket! Oh but sounds like Mitalee sweet honey bee is not attracted. I guess it's not too bad for Esme 'cause she doesn't have to share then :-) Enjoy your nap, kitties!

  6. maybe she will think she is sitting on a cloud? I hope she uses it! Love, Cody

  7. We just knew you were gonna say, "Esme in the sky with diamonds!" mol!
    Our Mommy thinks of LP every time she visits the farmer's market.
    Does your Mommy wear a big floppy hat and carry a huge bag? Ours does!
    Happy Tuesday, sweet furriends!

  8. Steadfast sky or steadfast ground, the important thing is to be in the right place for you!

    The Chans

  9. hay ewe gals....any place ya can find ta chillax & take a snooze ore 78....iz a good place...high, low, or sum wear in bee tween like yur mom & dadz bed !! ♥♥♥

  10. Sim querida você é um morador do céu e parece que as abelhas do cobertor vão carregá-la para um passeio no mundo dos sonhos!

  11. You are both adorable! Our window seat is staying up now that I washed the windows :)

  12. We kitties here dwell where ever we want! :)

  13. Oh yea, that is one nice spot!

  14. The say that some of us naturally gravitate to high places and others to the ground. Probably a good thing you and Mitalee are not competing for the one window seat. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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