March 28, 2015

Sunday Selfies : The Boys in the cottage.

We are joining our good furiends at The cat on my head for their funtabulous Sunday Selfies. This week, the "boys" in the cottage volunteered their efforts. Here are a few previously unknown facts about these two. 

First, Levon and Duffy are good friends! They will bump into each other to confirm they are part of the "brotherhood" and consequently see the world in the same way. . . that is, they are in charge (at least in their minds they are!) and in control of the territory and efurryone in it. Two, Levon is bigger than Duffy by three pounds. Duffy weighs eight pounds. Three, both of these "macho"  guys who walk with a swagger are a Mama's Boy. They follow LP around like lovesick teenagers.



Don't forget to HOP! It's a wonderful way to visit old and new friends alike.

Have a Sunny Sunday!
See you tomorrow.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Pawsome selfies you all ! We can see that your cute bicolor nose is pretty clean, Levon ! Purrs

  2. Y'all are so cute! I luvs your wild furs Duffy, dey are kinda crazy just like mine.

  3. You always make us smile, Duffy and Levon. Excellent Selfies :) Pawkisses for an Easy Sunday :) <3

  4. Just fabulous boys!
    Great Selfies!!
    ~Annabelle, Boo, Ping & Jinx

  5. It is so hard to believe that Levon is the bigger of these two. Would love to see a photo of them together. Duffy's photos are so sweet, and Levon's are so funny. The first one gets him a big kiss from Mom. Thanks for being such good friends. Thanks so much for joining and supporting our blog hop as well. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  6. Boys, those are wonderful selfies! We have a brotherhood in our house too -- between Caster and Sampson. And Sampson follows Mom around like a lost puppy aaaalllllll the time. He's obsessed. MOL!

  7. Lovely selfies!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  8. Those are lovely selfies, and nice that they are such good friends.

  9. Aw, two Mama's boys who are pals and take adorable selfies!

  10. Duffy and Levon, yous is both so furry sweet! Levon, Jo Jo is kissing the monitor! Shes leaving nose prints all over it too!
    And mes must say, me would leave some too as you furry handsome.

  11. Y'all are looking fantastic!

  12. You two are adorable and those Selfies are super. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hugs and nose kisses

  13. We think it's just great--interspecies bromance!

  14. I love that the guys of the cottage are buddies! That is how it should be, I think!

    I didn't know Duffy was so small, too. It is so hard to tell in the photos what they sizes are! Sweet guys both.


  15. Those macho guys are always the biggest Mama's boys! (this is true in ALL species!)
    Hope you had a beautiful Sunday.
    >>Smooches<< from all of us to all of you.

  16. Excellent selfies ! Love the first one !

  17. Awww! We love it that these two are bros!! :)


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