March 9, 2015

Some things we spotted on our adventure.

                  *Click to biggify these photos if you like*
 Duffy, " We went on an adventure! Can you spot what I spotted?"

 Duffy, " They are yearling eagles and were vey high up in the trees. They are well camouflaged but we are always on the lookout for them."

 Duffy, " Here is an adult eagle we spotted in another tree."

 Duffy, " This eagle was spotted on yet another tree ."

Duffy, "One of the adult eagles was extremely high up at the very tip of the tree. The wind was making him sway back and forth on the tree top branches. Even though he was so far up, we could tell he was the size of a large turkey. Eagles can and do hunt small dogs and cats here in Vancouver. You must always be aware of their location when you spot them on an adventure, keeping an eye on them as they are most definitely keeping theirs on you!"

Isadora, " There were other less distracting things we spotted on our walk. I will show you."

Isadora," It was a wonderful adventure and as always, we were reluctant to leave Nature's lovely gifts in order to go home! But home we went! We look forward to the next adventure presenting itself and hopefully it will be in the very near future  :) "

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. What a lovely day and lovely walk you enjoyed together ... and what wonderful things you saw along the way!

  2. You two are truly "eagle-eyed"! HahaHAHAHAHA! What a wonderful adventure you had!

    Tomy (and fernant too)

  3. That sure was a fun time and those birdies were all so pretty!

  4. Mum's wishing she could have gone on a walk with you - it is just windy, dank and cold here!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. What a fun adventure! So much to see - so many neat animals! Can't wait to hear about the next one!

  6. We're having spring weather this week--awesome for walkies! Looks like you have good reason to keep an eye on the trees.

  7. OH! Mom and I SO wish we were with you!!! We really truly do!

  8. I have never seen Eagles out in their natural habitat and would love to!

  9. What an adventure ! Beautiful wildlife pictures ! Purrs

  10. why did we haza suspizionz ewe dawgs wuz burd watchin....pardin uz fora wee minit pleez....we knead ta screem

    faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~~~~~~~


  11. Dat are way cool dat y'all get to see eagles!

  12. Great photos! How lucky to see eagles.

  13. What a lovely adventure! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    We were considering some land on the Oregon coast that had an Eagle's nest up on the mountain side - so they flew right over the home site. That was a : ) and : ( both. We will screen in a large portion of the garden area for kitties to roam safely if we happen to move to that area. They are beautiful, amazing birds but as you said they do hunt small animals.

    Can't wait to hear of your next adventure!


  14. You get the bestest nature shots!!!!
    Wes has not had any eagles our way this year - too warm. Did they scream at yous?
    And Don't forgets, over at my blog Tuesday is the Finishing the Sentence Game for a personal cartoon for the winner!!
    Comes and makes your guess!

  15. You have lots of great bird life by you. And I see you saw birdus mechanicus too.

  16. We love seeing the countryside and animals up your way!


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