December 18, 2014

Levon waiting for JoJo under the mistletoe!

Levon, " I am wearing my holiday hat as I take a moment to think of my true love , JoJo."

 Levon, " We plan to bring the New Year in together! But that is a long way away . . . "

Levon, " I bought my Christmas hat a tad too big, so that JoJo and I could both snuggle into it together. We can be , the cats in the hat this holiday season!"

Levon, " I can see the mistletoe from here . . . "

Levon, " JoJo, I am waiting ( too kiss you) under the mistletoe! "

Have a Great Day!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Oh Levon, you are such a romantic. We are sure that Jo Jo will be under that mistletoe very soon! Hope you two have a wonderful time ringing in the New Year together!

  2. Oh Levon, you are so romantic!
    I don't know if I can wait for the snuggles and the kisses, do you think we could meet onder the mistletoe sooner? Like, maybe tomorrow?
    Lots of kisses and head bonks (and cuddles in the hat)
    your Jo Jo

  3. Levon, we know that Jo Jo is rushing right over there to give you a big smooch. Nothing better than two love birds. Take good care

  4. That was sure a fun post Levon!

  5. those photos are so precious that I am "squeeeeeeing" all over!

  6. iz in de air huh...want we shuld cater yur wedding recepshunz !!! ♥♥♥

  7. Aw... I can see why Jo Jo isn't able to resist that cute little pucker-up you've got going! So kissable!

    Love to you, Sweet Boy,

  8. Goodness, Levon, who knew you harbored such passion?!
    That Santa hat will surely give you opportunity to canoodle with
    your beloved JoJo!
    the kitty brats

  9. Such cute photos- I hope you get to cuddle with JoJo.

  10. Levon, you have such a smoochable face.

  11. Such a sweet post, Levon! You and Jo Jo will be adorable in that hat together. Happy holidays.


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