September 19, 2014

Talk Like a Pirate 2014.

 Levon, " Ahoy there mateys! It be Meow like a Pirate Day! "

Duffy and Isadora , " And it be Woof like a Pirate Day!"

Isadora , " Today we be pirates true that have a whale of a tale to tell ye !"

 Isadora, "First told , we be markin the big, red X on our map in search of the Isle of the Monkeys!"

 Cap'n Mitalee, " Just a minute there me hearty! I be the Cap'n of this here ship and as such, I be tellin the wild tale of the Isle of the Monkeys , not ye!"

Cap'n Mitalee , " Our ship she landed right as dog micturate and we sea dogs heaved ho and got off her like brave and bold buckos all. We were starvin for the grub and longed for monkey stew. . .  the best grub to be had in all the faraway lands put together. Why, monkey stew be so tender, ye could suck her up through ye own straw is what we be hearin far and wide!"

Monkeys, " Did someone say monkey stew?!!"

Cap'n Mitalee, " Malou she be stalkin the monkeys and be wantin that booty all to herself . . .  she do!"

 Malou , " Avast ye monkeys! I be no bilge-sucking landlubber, I!  I mean to drop ye in a boilin stew pot and eat ye . . . every one of ye, down to ye very sinew!! Arrrrgh!"

 Cap'n Mitalee, " But Duffy got all soft like."

Duffy , " EAT the monkeys? I be lovin monkeys since I was a wee lad!"

 Cap'n Mitalee, " And Esme and Isadora turned soft too!"

Esme, " Monkeys are a lot like me . . . "

Shakin Yer Booty.

 Cap'n Mitalee , " Arrrrr! Together they be plottin 'fore we could make monkey stew! "

Isadora, " Let's be eatin the nice, tender monkeys, I mean let's take a few of thee monkeys, our treasured buckos , back to dry land with I, um yer, um we!"

Duffy , " I be pickin these three!"

 The three buckos who made it back to dry land.

Malou , " Arrrrrrr! Dangburn! Maybe I'll get me a monkey next year! Arrrrrr!"

Esme , " Not on me watch me lassie!"

Levon , " Sail ho!"

Cap'n Mitalee , '' Sail ho!"

Cap'n Mitalee , " And we did. Right into the sunset."

Yo -Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum!

Happy Talk like a Pirate Day!
Have a Fabulous Friday and weekend!
See you Monday.
the pirates in the cottage xo


  1. Great Doggy Pirates ahoy there but we see you both have eye patches so hope you can keep watch for other pirate ships. Thank goodness Cap'n Mitalee is in charge of your ship. That map should lead you to the place where the treasure is hidden.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Shiver me timbers! Arrren't you the cutest pirates we have seen today!

  3. MONKEYS!? We be headin' o'er now with the grog!

    OMC! You are all so cute!

  4. Arrggh! Ye be makin' a fine cast of pirates, mateys! We arrrrgh glad you didn't eat those landlubbin' monkeys. :)

  5. OMD, what a grreat story! I was wondering the whole time how it would end and if those monkeys would be safe!!

  6. are all too, too cute. Your pirate outfits are amazing. Mom had a great LOL at the end when she saw the three monkies makin' it back to dry land. Have a great Meow and Woof Like Pirates Day. Hope that rum has a bit o' the nip in it. It is quite intoxicating that way! Meowarrgh, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  7. You all look great in your costumes.

  8. Arrrr, you're all very cute pirates ! Purrs

  9. Avast mateys! What fine pirates ye be! And that be some adventure! Arrrrrrrrrrgh!

  10. thy fine ship do haf a full complement o' scurvy crew, that it do! we be efurso glad t' see thy acitin' adventure, an' wish ye fair winds whereso ye may sail!

  11. those striped outfits are the BEST ever!!!! xoxo

  12. mes don't knows how me missed this on Talk Like a Pirate day!?!!?!! this is a most excellent story and mes lived every bit of it! Ninja was furry jealous that yous guys had costumes!
    And wes wanted to tells yous wes gotted window hammocks! Wes LOVES them!

  13. This has to be the best of all Pirate Days. Oh it was grand. Everyone looked SO good and fierce. I am glad I didn't come afoul of ye!

  14. You all look so adorable!!! Those outfits are way too cute. Love the story too :) Looks like you all had a great Meow/Woof like a Pirate Day! Sending lots of love!


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