August 12, 2014

Heatwave or . . .Hot and Happy!

 Mitalee , " We are experiencing very hot weather here in Vancouver these days! "

 Mitalee , " I like to roll with the heat!"

 Mitalee , " Efurryone else seeks out the fans or AC but not me!"

 Mitalee , " I know I am not alone here! Am I ?"

 Mitalee , " La Dee Da Dee Da. . .  rolling in the heat . . . rolling with the heat! That's me!"

Mitalee , " Sigh. Heatwaves make me hot and happy! What about you?!"

Have a Terrific Tuesday.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

August 11, 2014

Thank You.

 Levon, " Hey Leo. Is that you?!"

 Levon, "I think that really was him . . . that little colourful prism of light by my left paw. Did you see him? "

Thank you for the kind , thoughtful ,  generous and heartfelt comments on Leo's post. They meant a lot to me and have lifted me through the sadder moments of loss. I wanted to share a quote with you that our cat sitter's vet wrote to us in a card she sent after learning Leo was no longer with us. Emma , our cat sitter , felt more comfortable taking Leo to her vet during my absence and I was in agreement with her. Her vet sent us a sympathy card and wrote , " I met Leo once , but was struck by his gentle, gracious nature. He was a lovely, lovely gentleman of a cat." It pleased me that she saw him that clearly even close to the end of his life. He was truly special... and he will be forever missed. We will be visiting efurryone slowly but surely as the week progresses. We hope you are all well.

Have a Marvelous Monday.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

August 4, 2014


LP aka Sophie, " People always say that love is a gift. But I don't think so. A gift can be misplaced, broken, forgotten or discarded. People also say love is elusive but I don't think that either. Love  is fixed,  steady and definite. There is no other word for it but when you feel it, when it is the "real deal", it is probably the only thing , the one thing, that truly is lasting in life and beyond that even. I think love moves unexpectedly, like a bright light in the darkness that keeps getting bigger and brighter as it travels to the heart. Love ensures the heart doesn't grow small or maybe that is doesn't eventually shrivel and die of bitterness. I believe love comes in many forms, many shapes and many sizes. Not everyone gets to experience all of love's many shapes and forms and that is too bad. Especially when animals are concerned because that love, just may be the purest love of them all.

Friday evening I had to say my final good-bye to a great love of mine. Like all great loves, Leo came into my life unexpectedly and he brought me more than I could ever express or share succinctly.  During my recent absence , he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his bladder. There was nothing to be done for him. I hope he didn't suffer. That's what most concerned me. I hope I made the decision to let him go quickly enough for him not to suffer. Because he waited for me until I returned home , then when it was time , when we were both ready , he let go of life with dignity and grace. I wouldn't have expected less from him. Good-bye My Love , My Choo-Choo, My Baby Boy , My Leopold Lion Heart.

                         Leopold Lion Heart

                                                       Sunshine on his beloved balcony

                                                    Observing his kingdom on his garden throne  


                                                               Jungle Cat

                                                      Talk like a Pirate Babushka

Live-Strong ; going yellow for the fight against cancer

In his  hidey-box on his favourite pink polka-dot blanket

Those Big Kitty Eyes

The Lion's Paw

With his Girl

Easter Lion

Gentle Leo with Sweet Tulip

Still a kitten at heart at seventeen years of age




 Baby Boy



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