May 6, 2014

This , that and the other.

Leo, " Our laptop has crashed."

Issa, " We are trying to figure out how to access new photos from our desktop."

Levon , " So far LP is stumped."

Esme , " Also ,  LP is going away this week."

Malou, " We will need help in trashing the place while she is away."

Mitalee , " It will be fun!"

Duffy, "Come one, come all!"

Have a Terrific Tuesday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo
P.S. Swiss Cats, we think our comments to you are being thrown into your Spam folder!


  1. Looks like you got some photos going on. Sorry your lap top has crashed. Hope you can get it fixed. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Ugh!! Hoping all of the issues are rectified for you quickly! I'm not bringing a laptop or an ipad to BlogPaws...just my phone, so unless you were planning on blogging from there, you are ok. They also have computers there for public use. Can't wait to see you!

  3. We're sorry your laptop crashed - our main one did about a month ago and had to get someone to repair / rebuild it for us. He's a programmer and it took him quite a while to get it going so Mum was using our laptop which isn't her first choice - she says it jumps about!! We are free any day you like for the trashing party and we'll bring some nipitinies with us.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. I'll be right over with some tuna cakes! The human was sad to hear about the laptop...she sez that is certainly no fun :(

  5. Oh boy, pawty at the Cottage!!

  6. OK Guys! We're packing our bags!

    Those spam folders are strange. Some bloggers' comments systematically end up there for no obvious reason…

    BTW, #1 keeps all her photos on the memory cars, even after she downloads them. That gives her a secondary source, even if the computer crashes.

    The Chans

  7. oh NOES, that evil laptop, to do that to you!!

    We'll come help you with the trashing cuz OUR mommy's deserting US TOO.

  8. So sorry to hear about your laptop! Hope the issues get sorted out for you soon. And have a great time at BlogPaws! Our mommy can't go, which she is sad about, but we are glad she isn't leaving us. We will definitely come by and help you make a mess of things while LP is away though ;)

  9. If we can sneak away from the dad-guy and the pet sitter, we'll be there to trash!

    (pee ess...the mom is excited to meet LP!)

  10. See you when you are back, LP. I hope your time away is refreshing and good.

    Much love,
    Lily, WA, USA

  11. Well .... each and every one of these photos is totally fabulous!

    Have safe and fun travels ...
    love and hugs,

  12. So glad you are able to see photos again, Dad just got a new backup program and has it on our bloggies top left corner. Simple. All you need is a small drive and you are good to go


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