May 30, 2014

A Jumble of Critters reporting back to you.

Levon , " I am still waiting for breakfast. Service has been even slower than usual since LP's return."

Levon, " Don't get me wrong...I'm not complaining. It is wonderful to have my Mama home again! Maybe I'll just start singing for my breakfast a bit. She'll like that ."

Leo, " I have been watching movies in the evenings with LP since her return. She is loving on me and calling me all sorts of delectable , sweet names. You know ChooChoo , is my favourite nickname for me. LP gave it to me on account I have a purr as loud as a train!"

Leo, " Lily Olivia, can you hear my purrs all the way to your front door? "

Esme, " I love the new window bird feeder. Come here little birdie. Here birdie, birdie, birdie!!"

Malou, " I have been playing a lot with LP lately. I love it when she chases me!"

Isadora and Duffy, " It has been raining cats and dogs but we nevertheless have been getting some good walks! Double happiness for us!"

Mitalee , " I always manage to find those momentary slivers of sun in between the rain! True Bliss."

Roses from our garden.

Have a fabulous Friday and weekend!
See you Monday.
the critters in the cottage xo

May 29, 2014

Happy Mitalee.

Mitalee , " My Mama is home. I found a sun puddle."

Mitalee, " All is right in my world now. I am happy!"

Have a great day!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

May 28, 2014

Last leg of the trip and Malou.

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 LP, " Once I left Santa Fe and arrived in San Diego, this is what I saw when I landed ; heavy smoke crossing the skies due to wildfires! "

 LP, " There were about ten active wildfires in the San Diego county district when I initially arrived , with the largest being dubbed the "Poinsettia". At one point we lost our power."

 LP, " In some ways the smoke was beautiful and other worldly but the damage reeked was very real."

 LP, " Many people lost their homes and many others were evacuated from their homes. We were lucky and were able to stay at my sister's until the fires were under control."

 LP, "After several days , once the fires were under control , the skies cleared almost miraculously as if nothing had been."

 LP, " All in all, my trip was quite the adventure!"

 Malou, " LP brought this cheerful tablecloth back from San Diego... no doubt because it highlights my velvet furs to advantage. "

 Malou, " Did I mention I have been talking up a storm and sticking to LP like there is no tomorrow since her return?"

Malou, " I plan to pose , flirt and become so unforgettable she will never leave me again!"

Have a wonderful day!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

May 27, 2014

Sin City, Santa Fe and Issa.

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 LP, " When we were at Blog Paws, a few of us slipped away to experience Sin City. It was a sunny , cheerful day and any signs of potentially sordid nightlife were mostly tucked away so our afternoon was quite tame. Still, if you looked around...there were signs of excess everywhere! "

 LP, " After Blog Paws in Las Vegas, I went on to Santa Fe. Santa Fe seemed very zen and calm with its' low, flowing adobe buildings in comparison to the flutter of activity found in Las Vegas."

 LP, " These windows were each individually hand painted and remarkably pretty."

 LP, " This photo was taken from a restaurant window which faced a lovely garden filled courtyard."

 LP, " An intricate stained glass window found in a church in Santa Fe."

 Issa, ' Guess what? I am the only one in the cottage who received a special gift from LP upon her arrival home. She purchased it for me at the Blog Paws' convention! It is a decorative dog collar. It's because I am getting older she said. And she needs to spoil me more."

Issa," LP also gave me a few treats that are meant for both cats and dogs but she said I could have them all because I am thirteen now and all the extras go to me and to Leo who is seventeen years old now. Leo got the drink well fountain all to himself. I like how this trip has helped set her priorities in place! "

Have a Terrific Tuesday!
See you tomorrow when we show you the last leg of LP's trip. You won't believe what awaited her   when she set foot off the plane!

the critters in the cottage xo

May 26, 2014

Back in the land of Bloggers!

LP, " Hello friends ! We are back from our travels and boy do we have some catching up to do! We have missed you and look forward to visiting old and new friends alike. Here are a few photos of our Blog Paws experience we thought you might enjoy."

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 LP, " This is the fanciful resort we stayed in that was both stately and luxurious."

 LP, " Seen from my hotel window."

 LP, " Also from my hotel window."

LP, " There is a man made lake that some guests paddled on as they made their way around the resort."

 LP, " Quite a few bloggers brought their pets. The infamous fashionable Coco the Couture Cat was there with her equally fashionable Mama Teri from Curlz and Swirlz. Such a sweet and calm girl Coco was !"

 LP, " Who's this? Mia the capybara! "

Rupert in the sky on colourful graphics!

 LP, " A little detour trip was taken to the Katnip Lounge where lovely Trish and her affable husband Scott generously opened their home to a few of us. Their babies are so evidently loved. The lounge, is a creative, cheerful and imaginative space to the fortunate and wonderfully spoiled Lounge kitties! Thank you Trish and Scott for sharing your home and babies with us. "


KonaKitty with pet rhinoceros.

Felix scaling the rafters.

May Ling who seemed to be enjoying the paparazzi.

KonaKitty again in her lush and heated bed.

LP, "Lastly , a photo of a handful of not so crazy cat ladies! I'm the one wearing a hat. I met some "old friends" at Blog Paws which was truly special and exciting. I also met bloggers I hadn't known and had exchanges with them which were equally memorable. "

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you tomorrow when we will show you a few pics of the strip in Vegas Baby. Vegas.
the critters in the cottage xo

P. S. The gang was more than happy to see me home and have been stuck to me like glue since my arrival. I feel like the Pied Piper of critters! :)