April 4, 2014

Sugar Dumpling : Levon.

 Levon , " I am being patient. I am watching LP get our breakfast together in the kitchen."

 Levon , " Before breakfast , I cuddled in LP's arms while she did computer things."

 Levon , " I love to be cuddled like a baby. I like it when LP coos at me and calls me her little Sugar Dumpling. I reach out and touch her cheek tenderly with my paw. I suppose that makes me a "Mama's Boy"."

 Levon , " After breakfast I often find a chair to hang out on. I like chairs more than boxes. I can be found on various chairs in the cottage throughout the day."

 Levon , " This is one of my favourite chairs. "

 Levon , " Of course lying in the sun is better than any chair."

Levon , " I hope you get to bask in the sun today and over the weekend. Sun makes us cool cats look and feel especially stupendous!"

Have a Fabulous Friday and weekend!
See you Monday.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Giess what , Levon ?!
    Me too is a mommy´s boy :)

    Happy friday and weekend to you all !


  2. What a great weekend for you to be a "cool" cat Levon while basking in the sunshine.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. "Sugar Dumpling" love it! Don't feel bad, Cody is a "Mama's Boy too!"

  4. Being a mama's boy works for me too!


    P.S. Wishing you a sun-filled weekend!

  5. You are so sweet, Levon! We are sending you hugs and kisses! Enjoy your sun - we sure will be enjoying it too. :)

  6. You darling. You absolute darling. By the way, the ol' paw to the check all soft and velvety gets moms every time.

  7. I wish Jenna liked being cuddled like a baby :( She is all for being sweet talked to and occasionally will pat my face, though.

    We hope you have lots of sun puddles for your catnaps today, Levon.

  8. You are very sweet, Levon-Sugar-Dmupling. And we love all the photos of you today!

    The Chans

  9. Oh Levon, you live a wonderful life! Enjoy!

    Ruby (and Angel Pip)

  10. Querido "menino da mamãe" tenha um ótimo fim de semana junto com sua família.

  11. Hey, Levon...I'm a Mama's Boy too...there's nothing wrong with that! Have a great weekend!


  12. There is nothing wrong with being a Mama's boy, Levon. :)

  13. Levon, Mommy says you could be her Mama's boy anytime...but you'll have to shove me out first!

    Yr Lovey Pal, Rupert

  14. Levon, I didn't know you had such a soft side! It makes me smile to think of it!
    Lily, WA, USA

  15. Oh Levon, my Human would like to smooch you somefin' silly! And I'z a Mama's Boy too! (Adorable photos.)

  16. Hi Guys!!!
    Me is catching up! First, me has to say the cat with Cat Grass is totally cool, then Mommy is a little jealous of the Violets. We has 32 plants (and they is blooming in Midway, wes saw them on Skyle) and Daffydills!!!
    Malou! That tube yous guys has is the bestest ever, as is the basket Mitalee was in and Levon, Jo-Jo was so totally smitten with you that is all she talked about when we was skyping last night and tonight!
    She asked that me send yous Kisses!

  17. Levon you are such a little love bug.
    Our Mom wants to cuddle you.
    We do not mind that in theory...
    the kitty brats!

  18. Maxwell: Hah, you'd never guess the Monster, the Bane of Allie's existence - HE's the Mommma's Boy in our family. Carried like a baby and EVERYTHING.

  19. Faraday: Ignore him, Levon. Being a mama's boy ROCKS, right?


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