March 7, 2014

Isadora and a glimpse of Spring.

Isadora, " I'm on the cat tree. I can spot a little bit of Spring from here."

Issa , " All our African Violets are now in bloom. That makes me think of Spring!"

Issa , " Don't they look prettyful?!"

 Issa , " I think African Violets are cheerful! "

                                                   Cheerful flowers calling out to Spring

 Isadora, " Can someone please get me down from this cat tree now?!!"
Have a Faulous Friday and weekend!
See you Monday.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Mum loves African Violets but she can't have one anymore as someone (no name) kept knocking ours over!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Hi Isadora,
    How lovely that spring is finally starting to peep through.
    Hope you got down safely from that cat tree :)

  3. Ha!! A doggy on a cat tree!! Is that a DOG WOOD TREE???!! MOL MOL MOL!!!! Have a great day my furiends! xoxo

  4. We think you look so cute up there Isadora and those flowers are so pretty. We are ready for some nice flowers. We hope you all have a wonderful week end.

  5. How'd you get all the way up on the cat tree, Issy?! That's a long way for a little doggie.

  6. I had them for years here at work, but they finally reached the end of their life span last year. I should get more, it's good lighting here for them, though not at home.

    As for Spring...She's still but a dream for us, Isadora!

  7. Wow, they left you in the cat tree! You're a brave dog :)

    The human thinks your violets are gorgeous. She says she can't grow anything with fuzzy leaves--seriously!

  8. Mommy loves violets! Isadora, did you really get up on the tree all by yourself?

  9. Oh send some glimpses of spring to us!

    The mom loves those violets...she has one but I bit the flowers...and then the leaves off of it. She wasn't very happy about that.


  10. Gorgeous!! 2 of ours is blooming and the third has buds! Now mes can't can't wait for the outside ones!

  11. Oh you are just so darling, sweet Isadora! Your blue bows look so pretty.

  12. Hi, sweet Isadora! How'd you get up in the cat tree? :)

    Thanks for letting us know that spring is coming ... we were beginning to wonder!

    Hugs to you all!

  13. African violets are very prettyful, just like you Isadora :) xx


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