December 30, 2013

Thank You!

Issa , " We wanted to thank . . . "

 Issa , " All the puppies. . ."

 Issa , " And kitties. . ."

Duffy, " Who sent us Christmas cards from close to home and from afar, through both e-mail and snail mail!"


Mitalee , " We enjoyed them very much!"

Mitalee , " They warmed our wintery hearts!"

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. I can't say your Welcome since I didn't send you one.
    My mom-person have been furry lazy and busy this year.

  2. You're welcome ! It was a nice way to meet you ! Purrs

  3. We loved getting cards from all our furiends too! :)

  4. We are glad you enjoyed all those cards! We loved getting so many from our dear pals, too. :)


  5. They are beautiful cards.
    Our Mom doesn't know how to do that--but she loves the idea =)
    Purrs for a wonderful new year,
    the kitty brats

  6. We love to get Christmas cards from all our friends too. We wish to you all a Happy New Year filled with fun and laughter.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Happy New Year friends!!! Wishing you a healthy and happy 2014 :-)

  8. Oh what a sweet post and what fun to receive all the beautiful cards! Wishing LP, Daddyman, Leo, Duffy, Isa, Mitalee, Esme, Levon and Malou a very Happy New Year and a 2014 filled with love, joy, health, prosperity and possibility...and magic! Rock on Critters! (And sending big purrs to LP for feeling better ASAP and to Leo!)

    Love ya,
    Karyn, Clooney & Neytiri

  9. We loved getting your card. It was very sweet :) Thank you and Happy New Year xox

  10. O post está adorável.
    Feliz 2014 para vocês e sua
    Pretinha & Amigos

  11. Coming by with one last hug for 2013!

    Now on to the next year of hugs!

    Love to all,

    Lily, WA. USA

  12. We're stopping by to wish you all a fabulous new year! May 2014 bring an abundance of good health, treats, love, treats, happiness, treats, prosperity, treats...You get the idea. :-)

  13. We want to wish you a very Happy 2014! We loved to read your blog in 2013 and we thank you furry much for visiting my bloggie.
    May 2014 bring you all that you are expecting her to bring!
    Many purrs


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