July 30, 2013

Guess Who ?!

Guess Who ? # 1 :

                                                  *Click to Biggify if you like*

Guess Who? #2 :

Guess Who? #3 :

The Three Reveals :

Reveal # 1 :
 Malou , " It's me ,  Malou! I'm in the closet where one of my favourite napping baskets lives. Did you guess correctly?!"

Reveal # 2 :
 Malou , " Me , Malou , again! On top of the kitchen cupboards! "

Reveal # 3 :

 Mitalee , " It's me Mitalee! I'm snoozing behind Lambie! "

Malou  and Mitalee , " We hope you were able to recognise us! :)

Below is a photo of white lilies that have come through our hall window that we thought you might like to see. They are filling the hallway with a very sweet aroma! The second photo is of a magnolia bloom from our magnolia tree. It is also very sweet smelling and heady. "

Have a Terrific Tuesday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. I was able to recongnise you :)
    Both the white lilies and the magnolia is beutiful !!
    Have a pawsome tuesday :)

  2. Well we didn't guess any of them right so good job of hiding all of you. Great pictures. Hope all of you have a great day.

  3. We got the first two pictures of Malou right but Mum insisted that the picture with Lambie was Malou too but we kept telling her it was Mitalee. Silly Mum.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Those are some pretty good hiding spots!

  5. Those were so cute and although I didn't recognize at first, the ears are a dead giveaway!

    Thank you as always for sharing your flowers - they are so lovely and I can just imagine the aroma.

  6. Those are some pawsome hiding places. We think Mitalee's fur is the same texture as Lambe's :)

    Your flowers are lovely and they smell heavenly. Don't nibble on lilies, though :(

  7. We guessed Malou, but you fooled us Mitalee! Mommy says the flowers are gorgeous.

  8. Yay, we guessed correctly, Malou and Mitalee! :)

    Your flowers are so pretty. No chewing on the lily plant though, okay?


  9. Well, you both fooled us!

    Those lilies are gorgeous!

  10. I guessed Malou and Mitalee!!! Here is how we knew....Mitalee's ear tips are lighter in colour, Malou's are dark, dark :-)

  11. Kittenbaby peek-a-boo! How fun! I couldn't guess who was who at all though!

    Love the flowers!

    Lily, WA, USA


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