July 15, 2013

A Summer Fair Sans , Us.

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 Duffy and Issa , " LP went to a Summer Fair without us. Can you believe it?! "

 Issa , " Her friend picked LP up in her red Mustang convertible. We stayed home because LP didn't want to bring us to the fair!! Humph! "

 Issa , " This archway of balloons marked the entrance to the Summer Fair."

 Issa , " There are many, many things sold at this Fair. It is like one gynormous garage sale. There are even tables of plants for sale , which is largely why LP went. As if she needs more plants in her garden! Maybe she could fill a few of the holes in her head with a plant or two!!"

 Issa , " There were big , white tents everywhere. This one was a White Elephant tent. I don't see any elephants though. . . "

 Duffy, " There were so many things that even the most discerning person could be tempted to buy something !"

 Duffy, " But if not , you could sit and listen to an orchestra playing classical music while eating lunch."

 Duffy and Issa, "  Can you believe how much fun LP was having while we stayed home and slept?! How rude!"

 Duffy and Issa, " There also were all sorts of lovely knitted goods but it's difficult to think of winter in the heat of summer!"

 Duffy and Issa, " Isn't this squirrel bench perfect for some nutty folks?"

 Duffy and Issa, " The Summer Fair takes place right by the ocean."

 Issa , " These sail boats were out on the water and helped to create an ideal summer's day."

Duffy, " Maybe next year LP could stuff me in her purse. Then I wouldn't miss out on all the fun! I would be really quiet. Honestly! She wouldn't even know I was there . . . "

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. I LOVE SQUIRRELS and I am going NUTS over that bench!!! WANT!!

  2. Cool that your mom went to the Summer Fair in a Mustang convertible !
    Not cool at all the she left you two at home though !
    Happy Monday to you :)

  3. What a wonderful day for your Summer Fair and boo to your Mom for not taking you along. We bet you'd have loved the ride in that Mustang - our Mum would have. BTW Mum loved the squirrel bench. We wish we could be right by that water today.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. We have no idea how she could possibly have enjoyed the fair without you!


  5. Sounds like a wonderful time for LP and her friend. All of the commotion might be too much for two doggies. We think she could have bought something for you, though!

  6. OMD, you would've looked SO grreat riding in that convertible!!

  7. Oh that summer fair looks like fun. That is a gorgeous picture at the end with the sailboats etc. We are glad the Mom had a good time.

  8. Oh, that looks like it would have been so fun. Bummer that you didn't get to go. Did she at least buy you both presents?!

    BTW, if our human could teleport, she'd be by that water right now!

  9. First of all, you two are adorable! This from a kitty. Adorable!

    Next, mom said she loved the pictures and descriptions and wishes she had that bench and could have seen the knitted wear. xoxox

  10. It looks like LP had a good time at that fair, but she would have had a better time if she had taken you two!

  11. That does look like a cool fair for sure! We agree Duffy, you need to hop in her purse for next year! Thanks for the Birthday wishes!

  12. What a great day at the fair... for LP! And you would have looked so awesome with the wind in your fur riding in the Mustang! *sigh* I hope next year you get to sneak in, too!
    Lily, WA, USA

  13. LOVE the squirrel bench, I hope you brought it home with you :-)

  14. That looks so amazing. Mum says, the mouse was decorated with 'decorative painting' skills ans looks gorgeous. Not surprised you guys were unhappy to be left - what a day!


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