April 9, 2013

Birthday Wishes For Marg.

Mitalee, " We wanted to wish Marg from Marg's Animals , a very Happy, Happy Birthday!"

Mitalee , "Happy Birthday Marg! You are kind to both animals and people and that makes you extra special today and always!!"

Esme , " Happy Birthday Marg! I hope you find a sliver of sunshine to rest in on your special day."

Malou , " That's what I was going to say Esme! I KNOW what I'll do instead!! "

Malou , " Happy Birthday Marg! Here are some flowers just for you! "

Tulip , " Happy Birthday Marg! I'll be thinking of you on your special day.I'll be wishing you the best life has to offer; like friends who appreciate you far and near and a nice, comfy wicker basket to rest in."

Duffy, " Happy Birthday Marg! I hope you get  an extra long walk in the sunshine today! "

Levon, " Happy Birthday Marg! I hope you get to hang loose today and chillax a bit!"

Issa , " Happy birthday Marg! I'm sending you kisses and tail wags galore! "

Leo , " Happy birthday Marg! We all think you are pawsome! SERIOUSLY PAWSOME!

LP , " Happy birthday Marg. May you have a wonderful day!"


the critters in the cottage and their Mama too. xo


  1. AWWW sweet post for Marg
    She is going to be thrilled to see your post : )
    Add extra hug to her from me

  2. We are sure that Marg will love all her birthday greetings - BTW we love the heart cloud.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. we just love Marg and hope she has the best birthday ever!

  4. Wow, that is such an awesome post for our Person. We know she thinks that is one of the nicest posts anyone has done for her. Thank you to all of you for those wonderful messages. We truly appreciate it a lot.

  5. Happy Birthday to Marg! We love her lots!!

  6. What great birthday wishes yous guys did for Marg! Me loves then and her!

  7. Purrfect Birthday wish you all have made for Marg <3

  8. Oh Wow, what a fabulous post for Marg's Birthday! Love all the photos of each of you Critters!


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