March 7, 2013

Fresh Air for Mitalee.

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Mitalee , " I like it here by the open window. I get a pleasant and fresh smelling breeze running through my furs as I quietly undertake my morning toilette."

Mitalee , " Of course a bit of privacy would be greatly appreciated! "

Mitalee , " I know, sticking my tongue out was rude but subtlety doesn't work with LP! Now where was I?! Oh yes, enjoying a bit of fresh air as I arrange my unruly, curly furs and then prepare to soak up the sun! "

Have a wonderful day!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Ohhhhh...We're longing for window whiffies! Okay, sure, we have our back space, but we're locked in the house all day while the human heads off to do whatever it is she does. Hey, maybe we need to pop 'round to your place for the day--at least it's relatively warm there. :-)

  2. Oh your day is going to be SO good. It has started just right! Wish I were there. Rain here and cold.

  3. We don't know which is worse - the flashy box or the Mum holding that darn flashy box! We hope you can finish your bath in peace.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. That does look like a lovely, comfy spot!

  5. Hi there Mitalee, Glad you are getting those fresh breezes on your furs. We love to do the same. Have a great day.

  6. Enjoy your grooming by the open window, Mitalee. Just turn your back to the human :)

    We are impatiently waiting for the day we can have fresh air whiffies here!

  7. Well, Mitalee, it looks like your day is off to a purrfect start. :) We hope those wgiffies come here. Soon!


  8. Lucky kitty! We're not anywhere near warm enough to open windows here..

  9. Unfortunately I never get any window whiffies , mom say´s it´s because I have fell out from the window twice and something about I´m not to be trusted to have learned ANYTHING from that *sigh*


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