March 8, 2013


Issa , " I am sitting here on Daddyman's lap. Dreaming. Of  sea air and the mountains surrounding our jetty ."

                                             *Click to biggify any of these photos if you like* 
                                                      Mountains around the jetty.

                                                         The view at the start of the jetty walk.

Duffy , " I'm dreaming at the jetty sea shore hoping to catch sight of a tall and awkwardly beautiful heron."

                                                        Heron at the jetty shore.

Tulip , " I am dreaming of  wandering through far-reaching and open fields of daisies."

 Daisy Dreaming.

Leo , " I am dreaming of climbing great, vast trees and looking way, way up to the birds in the sky."

                                                         Tree Climbing Dreams.

Malou , " I'm dreaming of playing with ALL the brightly coloured catnip mousies in one day! "

                                                            Catnip Mousies preparing to play Hide and Seek.

Levon , " I am dreaming of  many, many cans of cat food being opened at once . . . just for me! "

                                                  Long John Levon's Foodie Dream.

Esme , " I am dreaming of falling into a basket filled with soft, fluffy blankets and then falling fast asleep between the rolls."

                                                          Where is Esme in her dream ?

Mitalee , " I'm dreaming of boxes! What else?! Lots and lots of boxes! "

                                                   Mitalee Dreaming of boxes that come in every size.

LP , " I am dreaming of sunlight on water."

Have a Fabulous Friday and weekend :)
We hope one of your dreams comes true for YOU !
See you Monday.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Such lovely dreams! We love the multi-coloured catnip mousie circle. And is someone dreaming of Mt. Fuji?!

    The Chans

  2. Pawsome dreams you all have !
    Must miow OMC ! SOOOO many mousies you have !!
    Have a purrfect weekend :)

  3. What wonderful dreams - we love Leo's the best and wish we could climb up those trees with him to be in the sunhine looking around at the wonderful views. Mum just dreams of the end of winter and feeling the warm sun again!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Friends you have sweet dreams. Metalee Tom also dreams of boxes perfect for his size hehe. beautiful post

  5. We like the mousies and food dreams. The human likes the field of daisies. We hope all kitties have sweet dreams and comfy naps today!

  6. Wow, that is terrific to get all your dreams come true. We especially liked all those cans of food. Now that would be fun. Hope all of you have a wonderful week end.

  7. Now those are some sweet dreams!! Happy weekend to you all!!

  8. Oh! Oh! Oh! We loved your shots! As we used to lives in Vancouver, we is wondering where yous tooked them? They is marvelous! Can yous email ius and let us know? penelope.catfromhell (at)
    Also, Me is so furry sorry we has not been commenting, but me has been reading! Me needs a New secretary! Mommy's job is gone and she has been sad.

  9. What lovely dreams!

    Thank you kindly for your comforting words of sympathy about our dear Chica.

    Cats of wildcat woods

  10. All beautiful dreams! Can we have them all in one dream?

  11. Oh, such lovely dreams you have, sweet friends!

  12. We love your dreams! PS: My Human used to go running on your jetty and thinks it's such a special spot.

  13. So sorry you had trouble finding me. Seems to be a problem with my google account. Maybe I'll close and start over. Glad you were able to drop by. Web address: E-mail is Hope you'll drop by again. Janet


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