February 20, 2013

Pip and Puddles' Bucket World Tour.

Issa , " We are happy to be participating in Pip's Bucket World Tour today. Mr. Pip is a sweet , purrsonable , little dog we know who blogs and Duffy and I especially love him. We all think he and his Mama, Kristin , are the Cat's Meow! Pip is getting older and some of his parts don't run as well as they used to , so he thought he would tick a few things off his Bucket List while the going is still good. Since he has always wanted to see the ocean we invited him, along with his sassy and loyal sidekick, Puddles, to visit us in Vancouver, Canada."

                                           *Please click to biggify each pic if you like*
Issa , " Once Pip and Puddles made it safely to Vancouver , they both noticed the sign we had made espcially for them that pointed them in the direction of our home. After they made their way to us , we were ecstatic to see them and so pleased that they had arrived in one piece despite the rumours we had heard about Puddles' suspect driving skills! We decided to take them to the ocean immediately since that was Pip's heart's desire."

Issa, " On the way to the beach we saw a big old moose bathing in the water which gave us an idea! "
Issa , " Since everyone was famished, we would stop at the Moose Burger Hut and grab some juicy burgers and have a picnic at the beach!"

Issa , " Doesn't Pip look happy?! He loved the mountains and the ocean! "
Issa , " The skies even parted for the sun to make an appearance while we were at the beach.We were able to share one of our favourite things with Pip and Puddles; sunlight on water."
Issa , " Pip loved our picnic of  burgers and chilled beer! He ate THREE moose burgers because he said he didn't know when he would ever get a chance to eat a moose burger again! "
Issa , " After the picnic we met up with Esme , Mitalee, Levon, Malou, Leo and Tulip in downtown Vancouver . We all wanted to visit the Vancouver Art Gallery. We were astounded to see a sign hanging in front of the Art Gallery welcoming Pip and Puddles. It was humbling to have such famous friends! "
Issa , " There was something for efurryone at the art gallery."


Issa , " After the Art Gallery we all went to the Vancouver Aquarium and saw the beluga whales! Puddles wanted to swim with the belugas which of course made the cats raise their eyebrows! We bought Pip a hat  at the aquarium as a souvenir which he loved and refused to take off for the rest of the day."

Issa , " The visit came to an end all too soon. The moon hung low in the starry , evening sky. Our spirits were high from our shared time and laughter but sadly , we needed to say good-bye to our two lovely and adventuresome friends. Good-bye sweet Mr.Pip and dear Puddles! Aurevoir! May your Bucket World Tour continue to bring you wonderful memories and an abundance of joy. We love you!"

Until we meet again.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Great Tour !!!
    I like Mona Lisa with her kitty...tee..heh..heh

  2. Oh my gosh, there were so many exciting things in this post! The ocean and mountain air made me feel young again. I just had to breathe deep and take it ALL IN!

    And those yummy moose burgers ...And seeing a REAL live Moose on the way, WOW! Glad we were inside the car at the time.

  3. How nice of the Vancouver Art Gallery to welcome us so warmly with the sign. Believe it or not, Puddles is quite the artist - maybe you have seen some of her drawings on her blog.

    That Mona Lisa Kitty sure didn't look happy. So glad, your feline siblings could join us for the museum.

  4. Thank you for my hat - and yes, a good thing we kept Puddles away from the Beluga Whales!

    How about we all go back and have another moose burger by the beach!

  5. We can see you all had a wonderful time with Pip and Puddles.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. What a wonderful visit! Pip sure is getting to sample an interesting variety of cheeseburgers.

  7. Pip and Puddles are so lucky that they got to visit you all on their Bucket Tour. You sure showed them a great time.

    We can't believe that Pip ate 3 whole moose burgers. I bet that little belly of his is hanging down low at the moment. We too enjoyed the art gallery tour. I mean, come one! Who doesn't love "Dog's playing poker."

    Mommy said that she loves Vancouver as she was there many moons ago.

    Thanks for being such excellent host's for Pip and Puddles. This stop-over is one to remember for a long time.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. Wow, what a grreat visit! I bet those moose burgers were tasty. I'll have to visit you sometime and try it out myself.

  9. Those two wild things got to see the not so wild side of Vancouver.
    Sweet William The Scot

  10. Looks like everyone had a great time! What did you do to get Puddles to behave?

  11. OMDs/OMCs
    What a wonderful visit Pip and Puddles had in your beautiful city!!
    My peeps docked in Vancouver on the way home from Alaska. Mom was especially impressed with a huge pile of yellow stuff we think it was sulfur.

    I hope and purr you cut Pip's Moose burger up for him..he has such a tiny mouth....BUT we are purrty darn sure Puddles was able to manager hers in one gulp
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  12. Hehehehehehe, oh dis was a wonderful trip to your city!
    I loved goin' to da art museum...cuz I is very cultured likes dat (not really) but my favorite paintin' was da doggies playin' pool.

    Poor Pip is gonna has so many souvenirs by da time dis trip is overs. I is thinkin' we is gonna needs a bigger car.
    Muuuuuuuch bigger.


  13. Oh and them Moose burgers....nows we seen a moose baffin, why did everybuddy start yellin' when I said I would make our own burgers...hehehehe.

    Seriously though, dat is cool ya'll can see mooses out and about likes dat.


  14. Thank goodness they're with you! Puddles wore us out!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  15. What a great time you all had with Puddles and Pip! Those moose burgers looks delicious!

  16. What a wonderful ride thanks for sharing with us so many interesting places, we were salivating to see that moose burger, we marveled at the artwork, sure Pip and Puddles also worshiped.

  17. Wow, did you all have fun or what! That burger looks delicious.

  18. OMD OMD.... We can NOT believe that Pip not only got to see a Moose taking a baff... he got to EAT one Too!! We are SURE that Nurse Puddles approved of the nice LEAN mooses meats. And that was ASTOUNDING that the Art museum pulled out the Blue Banner fur Pip and Puddles!! What a WELCOME that was!
    Glad that you kept... HER outta the beluga tank. She has been into More LIQUID than She NEEDs.. lately.
    What a LOVELY tour of your city and area.

  19. That Sign was a very WISE idea.

    What a wonderful trip to your City and area.
    OMD they got to see a moose taking a baff and then EAT moose burger!
    Loved the way the ART museum brought out the Blue Banner fur our dear PIP.
    THOSE paintings must be PRICELESS.
    Good thingy you kept HER outta the Beluga Tank... she is TANKED UP often enough without THAT.
    THIS was a super tour.. Loved the LUNCH with the Ocean in the background. THANKS fur sharing it all with us.

  20. Wow! What a fun time you all had with Pip!! Now we wanna come visit so we can have moose burgers!!

  21. Just stopping by for one more yummy Moose burger. Thank you so much for a wonderful day!

    Your pal, Pip

  22. Those Moose Burgers sure looked good. We are hoping Pip packed some to bring with him today.

    Mom & Dad got to go to British Columbia years ago and they said Canada is lovely. We just loved your pictures and Mommy is hoping one day she will get to go to Vancouver. ~Fenris

  23. PAWsome tour !
    Looks like you have had a lot of FUN :)

  24. Mommy gots a little homesick looking at the pictures of Vancouver. Yous tooked Pip to all the bestest places!
    PS except the fish market at Steveston...that is MY Purrsonal favorite

  25. What a wonderful visit, you really showed them around. It looks beautiful there. Mooseburgers sound yummy!

    Loveys Sasha

  26. Wow, what a great time you all had with Pip and Puddles! We got homesick just like Nellie did. You sure did show them some great places, we love your pictures and post!


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