February 12, 2013

Long John and Salty.

                                           *Click to biggify pics if you like*
Malou , " Yoo - hoo! Over here! Can you see me?? "

Levon , " Yoo - hoo! Can you see me too ?! "

Malou , " We are in our Pirate Tunnel. We joined our new tunnel to our old tunnel to make a Pirate Tunnel!"

Levon , " LP calls me Long John (the pirate)."

Levon , " And Malou over there is , Salty ."

Levon , " Long John and Salty. I wonder if those are going to be our names from now on , on account LP calls us that even when we are not in our Pirate Tunnel! "

Have a Terrific Tuesday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Humans seem to like having lots and lots of different names for us. Go figure...

    The Chans

  2. I want one of those !!!!
    ( jealous eyes shine ! )

  3. We like your leopardskin tunnel and we could see you both peeking out at us.
    Is that a boing we can see behind you Malou?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Wow, now that's a DOUBLY pawsome tunnel!

  5. *sigh* a REAL LIFE tunnel! We have put that on our birthday llist. Well, Maxie's birthday list, actually, cuz his is soonest - MOL!

  6. What happy cats you must be to have such a great tunnel and Pirate names, too! That is very fun! Enjoy Long John and Salty! You look very cute today.
    Lily, WA, USA

  7. Wow, that is one awesome pirate tunnel!!

  8. Woo! Hoo! And nows yous can goes further using the tunnel vortex to visit us other cats!!!


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