February 4, 2013

A What?!

Levon. " So there I was minding my own business . . ."

Levon , " When something caught my attention! "

Levon , " There it goes again! "

Levon , " What is a FLY doing in MY house in the middle of the winter ?! "

Levon ,  "  I'm going to play it cool."

Levon , " There it goes again!! "

Levon , " Obviously this fly does not know my motto : Death to all flies! So long little fly , it won't be long now until I get you. . . "

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Would you like a paw ?
    I'm an expert !
    But it may cost you a wobbly blind curtain...tee...heh...

  2. A few weeks back, we had something like a fly explosion in the house. It was wonderful-awful. They're all gone now, though...

    The Chans

  3. Oh Levon, what fun to have a hunt and catch that silly fly. We know you can do it. Let us know if you get it. Take care.

  4. Did that fly come into your home without permission Levon - we think it's up to you to exterminate it or to bring in the daleks!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Are you an expert fly catcher? One of my kitties was a very good one. She loved to eat them, too :)

  6. Fisher was an excellent fly catcher, too. It was always amazing, and we could always count on never needing a fly swatter. I there is a kitty Olympics, you should sign up as a fly catcher. It is a noble talent!

  7. Oh boy! Gotta love out of season fun! I hope you kill it quick!

  8. We can't find an email address for you but we wanted to ask if you'd like to be interviewed by us for Mousebreath.

    Funny Farmer Felines
    jansfunnyfarm AT gmail DOT com

  9. Levon like your motto. The flies are very annoying but are great to train hunting. Good job Levon!

  10. Teehee.... we have a similar motto when it comes to pests in our house. ESPECIALLY FLIES!!!


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